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8 Ways Young Sheldon Completely Changes Big Bang Theory

Despite existing in the same reality, changes in multiple ways. After running for a decade, CBS finally decided to expand universe in 2017 by launching its first spin-off. Inspired by Sheldon Cooper's penchant for sharing stories about his childhood as a young prodigy in Texas, serves as the character's origins story. Aside from that, however, it has diversified its storytelling in the last several years, transitioning it to become more of an ensemble series. This means that there has been an increased focus on the rest of the Cooper family — something that was so apparent in season 6.

has been constantly criticized for its lax approach to preserving established continuity.

While it cannot follow through with every single thing that Sheldon said about his childhood in , considering that some of them were just way too ridiculous, the prequel could have still easily prevented many plot holes if it is more careful with its storytelling. As moves forward with its more diversified storytelling, not only does it provide additional context to some of Sheldon's oddest quirks, but it also changes some of the most pertinent aspects of the character in the nerd-centric sitcom.

8 Young Sheldon Changes The Big Bang Theory's George

One of the earliest discrepancies betweenand is the depiction of George. In the original CBS sitcom, both Sheldon and Mary had nothing but bad things to say about the Cooper patriarch. They described him as lazy, stupid, and perpetually drunk. For the most part, he was a bad father and an even worse husband. Because the mother and son duo backed each other's stories up, and George was no longer around to defend himself, there wasn't any pushback from this negative image of the character. That was until Lance Barber debuted Sheldon's dad in.

The prequel has maintained some of the characteristics of George.

He is still a sports guy and still loves beer in . However, he is significantly different from the negligent family man that Sheldon and Mary described in . Granted that he isn't an intellectual like the boy genius, and he still has some flaws, he is a committed family man who is doing everything for his family. If anything, shows how underappreciated George is by his own family.

7 Young Sheldon Makes Mary The Big Bang Theory Complicated

Mary may clearly love Sheldon in , but she wasn't exactly a gentle and caring maternal presence in the series.

She was extremely judgmental and rude; what made it worse is that she used her faith to justify her behavior. Somehow, makes Mary a more complicated character. She is far more mellow and tame in the prequel. Seeing her having a crisis with her church and constantly worried about Sheldon have somehow humanized her.

That being said, also reveals some unsavory parts of her past that were never mentioned in . That includes her very own cheating tendencies with Pastor Rob. While the spin-off has effectively ended George and Brenda's inappropriate relationship, it has yet to give Mary and Pastor Rob's connection a definitive ending.

6 Young Sheldon Makes Missy's The Big Bang Theory Story A Tragedy

While Missy isn't intellectually gifted as her brother, she remains the most well-rounded member of the clan. Aside from being witty, she's also emotionally mature and charming, so it's a wonder why she never reached her potential, becoming the least successful Cooper sibling. , and it shows why her debut was ultimately a tragedy. Not only does she have to grapple with the difficult task of functioning as the family's emotional support member, but she also has to deal with being consistently neglected by her own parents as they focus on Sheldon.

5 Young Sheldon Shows A Different Side Of Big Bang Theory's Georgie

During Georgie's appearance, the eldest Cooper kid was depicted as cocky, spiteful, and even a bit of a playboy. He's had multiple wives and seemed to be content devoting all his time to building his business, Mr. Tire. , however, shows a different version of the character — one who is devoted, responsible, and even romantic. Georgie and Mandy's romance is arguably the best original storyline that has come up with. Since it was never mentioned in , CBS has more creative room to develop their story moving forward — just as long as they break up in the end.

4 Young Sheldon Proves Sheldon Is A Pathological Liar In The Big Bang Theory

There are certain stories from that clearly opted to skip. However, there are others that show just how much of a pathological liar Sheldon was in the nerd-centric series. For someone who has an eidetic memory, it's almost impossible to believe that the boy genius will miss some pertinent details about his childhood stories unless he was intentionally changing them to make himself look good. That's exactly the case when Sheldon called Billy Sparks a big bully in when Brenda's kid has been nice, albeit dense.

The same goes for his story about his pact with Tam, which is highly unlikely now considering that they barely spend any time together anymore. Perhaps, the biggest lie that Sheldon may have said in , however, was catching his dad cheating during his spring break when he was 13 years old. The time period has already passed in , and nothing even remotely close to what he shared with Penny panned out.

3 Young Sheldon Cheapens Sheldon & Amy's The Big Bang Theory Romance

Paige's introduction in has posed many questions about Sheldon's childhood. More than her impact on Sheldon's academic arc, however, she's had a bigger effect on his and Amy's romance in

. What made their love story more special was the idea that Sheldon was never attracted to anyone before he met Amy. That wasn't exactly true, as he once harbored a crush on Paige. In , he even let her sleep on his dorm bed even though he wouldn't let Amy set foot in his room during their early days of dating in .

2 Sheldon's Relationship With Meemaw Isn't That Special

made a big deal out of Sheldon's special relationship with Meemaw. While leaned on that in the early years of the prequel, it has moved away from developing their dynamic.

In recent years, Connie has had more heartwarming interactions and experiences with Missy and Georgie. Specifically in season 6, she grows extremely close with the eldest Cooper child as she helps him and Mandy during their pregnancy journey.

1 Young Sheldon Cheapens Its The Big Bang Theory Crossover

When Sheldon and Amy came across a major snag in their bid to win the Nobel Prize in Physics, the socially-inept genius was so distraught. made it seem like it was the very first time that Sheldon experienced a big failure, something that contradicts with his grant database project. Somehow, George's pep talk didn't mean much anymore, especially since Sheldon fairly recovered quickly from his East Texas Tech frustration even without any words of encouragement from him.

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