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Fans Were Surprised To Find Out Rihanna Is A Fan Of This "Trash" Reality TV Show

Fans have always known there's a lot to love about Rihanna. She's a fashion icon, seems like a great mom (and loves being a mom), and turns out banger after banger on the music scene. And while fans have, admittedly, been disappointed over the lack of new music coming from Rihanna in recent years, most are trying to wait patiently. After all, Rihanna has a lot going on!

But recently, fans discovered that Rihanna might be spending some of her downtime doing something totally relatable: bingeing reality TV. Fans uncovered that Rihanna seems to follow a specific franchise, and no one blames her for getting sucked in.

Rihanna Doesn't Often Sugarcoat Her Opinions

One of the things fans tend to love about Rihanna is that she's blunt—like that one time when she shut down a reporter who asked whether she was dating Ashton Kutcher. So it makes sense that Rihanna might have a guilty habit of watching reality TV that's a bit in-your-face.

Of course, some suggest that although she's been hailed as the queen of snark, sometimes Rihanna's just downright mean. But in this case, her reality TV favorite is super relatable and, as fans put it, even "celebrities love this trash.


The show in question? 90 Day Fiancé​​​​​​.

Fans Noticed That Rihanna Follows Some Of The 90 Day Fiancé​​​​​​ Cast

In a fan subreddit, Rihanna's followers pointed out that Rihanna follows Yara and Angela from 90 Day Fiancé​​​​​​ on Instagram. While neither of the reality TV personalities can hold a candle to @badgalriri's follower count (she's in the 139 million range), fans understood why Rihanna would be interested in what Yara Zaya and Angela Deem are up to.

After all, they noted, even Seth Rogen revealed that he watched 90 Day; an off-color tweet about Sumit had fans LOLing all over Twitter.

Not only that, but Rogen also commented on Colt and his mom's relationship; one fan wrote that "He's like Oscar the Grouch he's so steeped in this trash."

And it seems Rihanna might be, too. She doesn't seem to have tweeted her opinions as bluntly as Seth, but seeing that she follows the two 90 Day ladies, it's evident she's up-to-date with their relationship drama from the series.

Fans also sort of hoped Rihanna might be lingering on Reddit looking for spicy gossip about the reality show too; one wrote, "Imagine if Riri is on this sub... One of us, one of us."

It's not too far out of the realm of possibility, claim fans.

Their argument? Rihanna has apparently messaged cast members of the Real Housewives plus Big Brother to let them know they were her favorites.

Rihanna Admitted To Watching Reality TV While Pregnant

Rihanna doesn't try to hide the act that she loves reality TV; fans pointed to interviews where she stated that she got through her pregnancy by binge-watching everything Real Housewives and 90 Day.

For example, in an interview with Elle, Rihanna admitted she was a Bravo TV fan and said she loved Heather Dubrow as a mom because she was "so chic" and "inspiring."

Some commenters thought it might be Rihanna's team following all the reality TV accounts, which could make sense for Riri's publicity.

Yet she clearly enjoys the shows and has favorite contestants and cast members, which means it's more than just PR for her.

Not everyone's thrilled about Rihanna's TV-watching habit, though. One commenter, who was, admittedly, not highly upvoted, wrote "She hasn't put out music in actual ages she has time to watch 90 Day Fiance. Surprised nobody seems to care she follows Angela though."

Could trashy reality TV be what's been stopping Rihanna from releasing more music? It's a bit of a reach, especially as Riri's been busy with her new baby as of 2022.

As for fans not liking Rihanna's choice of cast members, there have been complaints that Angela Deem is not a nice person; some viewers want her to be fired from the franchise.

If Rihanna has an opinion on that angle, she apparently hasn't shared it just yet!

When it comes to how either Yara or Angela feel about Rihanna being their "fan," Angela may not have anything to say on the matter—but Yara did.

Yara Zaya seemed surprised that Rihanna followed her, but took advantage of the attention to make a quick video (featuring a song by Riri) where she says "Actually, Rihanna is following me. It's big news."

Yet Yara said she purposely doesn't talk about Rihanna on Instagram (the video was posted on YouTube) because she's worried how Riri might react. At this point, there's probably nothing that can make Rihanna quit her reality TV habit—even the people she follows fangirling over her.

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