The Big Bang Theory Fans Are Totally Split On Whether They Like Bernadette, Here’s Why


Bernadette Rostenkowski's character in The Big Bang Theory has divided fans.Some fans appreciate the role Bernadette plays in the development of Howard's character.Melissa Rauch enjoyed portraying Bernadette.

The main cast of worked so well together that it's impossible to think about one character not being part of the friend group. In season 3, Bernadette Rostenkowski (played by ) appeared as a love interest for Howard Wolowitz, and she was unforgettable from the very first moment. From her spunky and smart personality to the fact that later on in the sitcom, she is intriguing.

It's fun to see Bernadette interact with the other characters.

, but fans will never stop talking about her character. As it turns out, people are unsure how they really feel about Bernadette, and many have some interesting thoughts about her.

How Do The Big Bang Theory Fans Feel About Bernadette?

There are some The Big Bang Theory characters who are always going to be popular. Fans love watching Sheldon Cooper, Penny, and Leonard Hofstadter go about their lives as they learn lessons, fall in love, and have fun hanging out together.

Adding in new characters is always going to change the dynamic of a show.

While some think that Bernadette is great, others have negative opinions of her.

in a Reddit thread and shared that they don't like her behavior.

Bernadette and Howard definitely fall for each other very quickly. They get engaged in season 4 and married in season 5. However, it's a little while before they become parents. They welcome their baby girl at the end of season 10 and are having a baby boy in season 11.

Since they have been together for so many seasons, fans had the opportunity to carefully observe the way that Bernadette treats Howard.

Some don't think that she is very compassionate toward him.

Redditor @Unusual_Blacksmith13 doesn't agree with the way that Bernadette acts toward Howard. They specifically didn't enjoy watching Bernadette talk to Howard about their finances. The fan wrote, "Why is it okay that she can spend their income indiscriminately on what she wants to, but he can't spend money on the things that he enjoys, just because it happens to comics and related paraphernalia?"

In the same thread, Redditor @LegitimateMinute6115 shared that they don't think that Bernadette always behaves fairly. They wrote, "I noticed how her and Sheldon never really bonded as much as other characters because Bernadette never liked how Sheldon would make fun of Howard.

I found this hypocritical because she would do the same and dismiss Howard in a lot of occasions."

In contrast, many The Big Bang Theory fans absolutely adore Bernadette. They enjoy her funny personality and they like that she works in the field of science. Some viewers really like Melissa Rauch's portrayal of this character.

Redditor @SugarcoatIt_andall posted, "Am I the only person who loves Bernadette? I think she’s hilarious." Redditor SimonKeep wrote, "Love her. Melissa Rauch is probably the most talented comedy actor on the show.


Redditor @vella_hoon_yaar agreed, "I like Bernadette, she's bossy only because she has to be, and I agree! When you're a female scientist with that height and that voice, you will be walked all over if you do not assert your dominance!"

In several Reddit threads, fans echoed these comments and shared that they love how intelligent Bernadette is. It's definitely nice to watch a character like Bernadette who works hard and who is committed to her career.

Other fans believe that Bernadette was completely instrumental in the development of Howard as a character.

This is an interesting perspective.

Redditor @_laoc00n_ added that Bernadette allows Howard to grow up. They wrote, "she’s a necessary balance to Howard and provides some interesting conflict to the show. Her feisty personality is played for comedic effect every single time, but if we wanted to go deeper than a sitcom needs, we could say that only a woman with as forceful a personality as hers would be able to keep Howard moving towards the mature person he becomes."

While some don't like watching scenes of Howard and Bernadette together, others think that they are a good match and that there are no problems at all.

Redditor @TheFairyingForest wrote, "It takes a strong, confident, smart man to love a strong, confident, smart woman. She's Howard's equal. That's why he loves her."

Redditor @beloved93 mentioned that it was great watching Bernadette interact with Penny and Howard. The fan wrote, "She also kickstarted Penny’s career in sales (even if it was fluke). Her sassy rude character was hilarious throughout the show yet she still had her sweet moments with her friends/husband."

Did Melissa Rauch Like Her The Big Bang Theory Character Bernadette?

While The Big Bang Theory fans have mixed opinions about Bernadette, it sounds like Melissa Rauch always loved the experience of portraying this part.

in an interview with Today. She said that she liked that Bernadette has a plotline about becoming a parent and figuring out how to balance her professional and professional life.

Rauch said of this part of Bernadette's character arc, "there was some really raw emotion that was an honor to get to play.”

The actress also told Today that she was a fan of Bernadette's personality. She said, "The first time that we saw some of Bernadette's attitude was when she assisted Howard at a children's birthday party where he was a magician.

She was not happy dealing with the kids there. And that was early on when we got to see a part of this side of Bernadette that we hadn't seen in earlier episodes, where she just was shutting everyone down, really quickly left and right.”

Even though some The Big Bang Theory fans don't adore Bernadette, she's definitely one of the most interesting and smartest characters. For many, she is one of the main reasons why The Big Bang Theory is so funny.

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