“Not good for the digestive tract”: Jennifer Aniston Debunks Chickpea-Only Diet During FRIENDS Rumor

Jennifer Aniston appears to have ‘everything’. A bright smile, a perfect body, and, of course, a handsome husband. But this ‘everything’ requires loads of effort. To achieve that flawless body, she adheres to a strict diet plan rich in organic fruits and vegetables.

Moreover, for years, the ‘Jennifer Aniston Salad’ recipe has earned special attention on social media. However, it appears that the ingredients keep changing with each trend. As a result, it’s unclear whether the recipe originated with the Friends star or is simply an internet trend.

We dug deep to solve this mystery. And it turned out that Aniston believed there was no such thing as a perfect salad.

But it’s not the one she’s been eating during every day.

Although it appears to be delicious, Aniston stated that the salad that went viral on TikTok was not something she ate daily on the set of Friends. 

‘ co-star and close friend, Courteney Cox revealed to the Los Angeles Times in 2010 that Aniston ate the same “doctored up” salad on set, prompting food bloggers and her fans to attempt to recreate her salad’s other versions. 

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Has Jennifer Aniston Eaten the Same Salad Daily During Friends?

As previously mentioned, it all started with Courteney Cox’s 2010 Los Angeles Times interview.

Jennifer Aniston ate the same salad every day on the set of Friends for ten years, according to the actress.  And since then, TikTok users and food bloggers have reprised Aniston’s salad recipe. Her salad contained bulgur, cucumbers, parsley, mint, red onion, chickpeas, feta cheese, and pistachios, according to Cox This salad became more popular on TikTok last year, with some recipe videos receiving over 10 million views.

While Aniston admitted to eating the same salad every day on the set of Friends , the famous recipe that went viral on TikTok went a little too far, particularly with the chickpeas.


Aniston told Elle last year in response to the rumor about her same-day meal. “Well, that salad, dare I debunk that? That’s not the salad that I had every day on Friends. I feel terrible because it’s taken off like crazy, and it looks like a delicious salad, by the way, but that’s not the one that I had on Friends.”

The actress also explained why she wouldn’t eat chickpeas to that extent.

What Foods Does She Eat?

While her daily salad may not be the viral TikTok salad, Jennifer Aniston does consume whole foods and plenty of vegetables. In a 2016 Yahoo interview, she explained that maintaining a healthy body is a task.

One must eat a strict healthy diet of organic fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated, and follow a fitness plan that includes yoga and cardio workouts to get a fit body. So, what foods does she include in her meal plan? 

” Aniston told Yahoo.

While she may have eaten the same salad on the set of Friends , Aniston believes that moderation, plenty of water, and sleep are the keys to good health.  “I don’t let eating habits get out of control where I need a reset button.”

She also expressed a dislike for ‘white’ foods. When she has to lose weight for a special occasion, she always cuts on some bread. 

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