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The Big Bang Theory Fan Theory That Mayim Bialik Found Completely 'Absurd'

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As one of the longest-running sitcoms in television history, "The Big Bang Theory" has produced its fair share of outlandish fan theories. While some have fun and surprising possibilities like how the ending may be a perfect set-up to a "Young Sheldon" theory, others are far less plausible, like the idea about Leonard (Johnny Galecki) that would've changed everything. One in particular even threw Mayim Bialik for a loop when a fan suggested her character on "The Big Bang Theory" is actually another character from a previous role that was hidden away from criminal danger.

Before Mayim Bialik was an enthusiastic and intelligent addition to the cast of "The Big Bang Theory," she starred in her own heartwarming series. In the 1990s, she led the witty and refreshing comedy "Blossom" about the titular young girl who often got stuck in her own daydreams. The coming-of-age sitcom features an array of relatable scenarios with an imaginative twist that contributed to the inventive fan theory. 

The creative Reddit theory featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden suggests that Amy Farrah Fowler is actually Blossom Russo in witness protection. The evidence from the Redditor points to Blossom's wealthy father Nick (Ted Wass) who the theorizer thought was too rich for a piano player. They reasoned he must be connected to the mafia, which Blossom found out about, and was placed into the program after she testified against him. While it's definitely a clever idea, Bialik didn't think it could ever be possible — though she was certainly amused.

There's more than a few reasons to debunk the wild theory

Ahead of Mayim Bialik's enlightening answer on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," she responded with a blank yet charming stare as she formed an answer. She laughed before saying "That's absurd!" Bialik continued to chuckle before sharing her reasoning, "That's so self-referential – it's beyond postmodern." While a crossover for the two beloved sitcoms would be an exciting exchange for fans, she ultimately debunked the theory, "It's not true," she said before laughing again.

There's also the notable misadventure Blossom had with Jason (played by Bialik's fellow "The Big Bang Theory" co-star Johnny Galecki) in Season 1, Episode 5 that further pokes holes in the entertaining theory. In "Sex, Lies and Teenagers," Blossom sneaks away to a make-out party where rambunctious teens take advantage of an unchaperoned home. She meets Jason and has a brief moment of romance before the rowdy young adults' night comes to an end.

In their later years, unless Leonard is also in witness protection, there's no way this familiar face wouldn't recognize her. Even if Leonard could be Jason's strikingly similar doppelganger, Bialik's delightful answer puts the theory to bed and separates her iconic roles. 

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