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Jennifer Aniston And Her Friends Character Rachel Green Had This Surprising Thing In Common

Highlights Key takeaways: Jennifer Aniston had to work odd jobs and take on small roles before landing her breakthrough role in Friends. Her early jobs, such as being a waitress and telemarketer, were similar to her character Rachel in Friends. Jennifer is now a successful and wealthy celebrity with a net worth of over $300 million and numerous celebrity friends.

Ever since landing the lead role as Rachel Green in Friends, Jennifer Aniston quickly became a household name across the world. She has also since gone on to star in multiple TV and movie roles, including We're The Millers, Murder Mystery, and The Morning Show.

However, even stars like Jennifer have to start somewhere and she is no different. Prior to starring in Friends, Jennifer was a jobbing actor, whereby she was working other jobs to help support her while trying to find more permanent acting roles. What might come as even more surprising to fans is that the roles she had to take on before becoming a full-time actor are very similar to her character Rachel in Friends.

Jennifer Aniston Became Famous On Friends

Any aspiring actor wants that one role that they can become known for, or even just to get enough acting roles so they can do a job that they love that fully pays the bills. Jennifer was no different, which led her to make many career moves before Friends that potentially helped her get to where she is today.

Some of the moves that Jennifer made prior to getting her big break include appearing on Howard Stern, rejecting roles that didn't feel right for her, such as her rejecting a role on Saturday Night Live, having small roles in other sitcoms to learn her apparent natural comedic craft, and branching out into the world of movies as opposed to just sticking to TV gigs.

Jennifer has also revealed that she ensured she enjoyed the experience of what she was doing as opposed to purely focusing on becoming a well-known actor.

Regardless of all of these roles, getting a role on Friends clearly helped her with her career going forward as Jennifer has ended up taking a lot of roles that require comedy, which is something that she has become best known for.

Before Friends, Jennifer Waited Tables Just Like Rachel Green

Despite having parents who worked in the entertainment industry, it still took Jennifer quite a few years to start landing TV and movie roles. Because of this, she ended up taking on other jobs in order to make a living, which also turned out to be quite helpful when it came to getting her big break.

One of the jobs that she ended up taking on was being a waitress. Any Friends fan will know that her character, Rachel, wasn't known for being the best waitress around and quite frequently got her customers' orders wrong.

What's even more coincidental was that, despite growing up in Los Angeles, which was also where Friends was filmed, she was working as a waitress in New York, which was where the show was set in and appears to have potentially set the precedent for where her career would take her.

While Jennifer didn't share in the interview with In Style whether she was a terrible waitress like her character, she did share some of the other jobs that she had while trying to make it as an actor, which, according to her, she was terrible at.

She said she was a telemarketer and would sell time-shares in the Poconos that she claims to have been so terrible at that she was never able to make a sale.

She was also a hairdresser and would cut her dad's hair, although he later admitted to her that he would get his hair tidied up by the hairdresser on the set of Days Of Our Lives, which was a show that featured heavily on Friends and that her dad also starred in.

Just like Jennifer, her character Rachel was able to grow quite a lot and went from waiting on tables in Central Perk to working her dream job in fashion.

While this took many years to get to where she wanted to be, the same can be said for Jennifer, who had to work odd jobs, as well as work on a few failed sitcoms, before she finally landed a more permanent role.

Jennifer Is An Elite Celebrity With Millions

Even though it may have taken her a while to get there, Jennifer is now a household name who has millions in the bank (she currently has a net worth of over $300 million), and a number of celebrity friends.

To earn an impressive net worth like that, Jennifer has had to take on quite a few roles, many of which have been quite successful. She has starred in Bruce Almighty, Marley & Me, and Mother's Day.

Fans also believe that Jennifer is the most famous out of the Friends cast because, while they are all talented in their own right, Jennifer actively pursued being in the spotlight and taking on the persona of 'the girl next door' both on and off screen, whereas many of the others chose to go back to being on-stage or working behind the scenes, so haven't been seen as much.

As she has been able to pick up a number of roles over the years, this has led her to gain various celebrity friends. Obviously, this includes her fellow Friends co-stars, who are all said to be quite close, especially Jennifer and Courtney Cox, with Jennifer being the godmother to Courtney's daughter.

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