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“She’s the coolest chick on the planet”: Gerard Butler’s Unstoppable Crush on Jennifer Aniston Proves Why Brad Pitt Was a Fool To Let Her Go

Actor Gerard Butler worked with actress Jennifer Aniston in Andy Tennant's 2010 movie, The Bounty Hunter. Butler once talked about the experience of working with the charming actress and like everyone, he was also blown away by her cheerful personality.

Butler and Aniston's chemistry on screen was remarkable. In the film, tension builds up between the characters due to their past romantic history and their present-day professional rivalry. The film explored the themes of love, trust, and second chances. Despite negative reviews, the film was a success at the global box office.

Gerard Butler called Jennifer Aniston "the coolest chick in the world"

During his appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show, actor Gerard Butler talked about the experience of working with actress Jennifer Aniston in the 2010 movie, The Bounty Hunter,

"It's just a general experience, she is the coolest chick on the planet it's so great to work with, fun, down to earth, humble, and it was such a joy just playing these scenes with her."

The story mainly focuses on a bounty hunter, Milo Boyd, hired to retrieve his ex-wife, Nicole Hurley, who has skipped bail. At the time of its release, the film received bad reviews, but over the years, it managed to find its audience. While Aniston seems to be the perfect casting choice, the role was actually made for Sarah Jessica Parker but ultimately, it went to Aniston.

Gerard Butler said Jennifer Aniston is the coolest woman in the business

Further in the interview, Butler praised Aniston even more, calling her the coolest woman in the entertainment industry,

"It was so gracious and cool. I'm thinking, 'I'm working with Jennifer Aniston, this is amazing!' I just had a blast making that movie if you guys haven't seen this you check it out," Adding, "I think she is the coolest woman in the business, just she's just awesome."

The Bounty Hunter (2010 film) was made on a budget of roughly $45 million, and it managed to earn roughly $136 million at the global box office. While it may not have received widespread critical acclaim, it achieved success at the box office and provided a lighthearted, entertaining experience for audiences looking for a blend of action and romantic comedy. For Aniston, this movie could be a regret as she was nominated for the Razzie Award for Worst Actress at the 31st Golden Raspberry Awards.

Source: The Drew Barrymore Show

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