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When Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston Became Awkward For Wearing Just A 'C*ck-Sock' During An Intimate Scene With Julia Roberts & Humorously Added He Wore "Slightly Less Clothes Than Anthony Weiner"

Bryan Cranston, who became a household name after featuring in the popular series Breaking Bad, is known for his versatility and his sense of humour. Once, he gave a little anecdote behind the scenes from the movie Larry Crowne, featuring Julia Roberts, also one of Hollywood’s celebrated actresses.

Tom Hanks’ directorial Larry Crowne was one of the critically acclaimed movies that had an intimate scene between Bryan and Julia. However, it seemed the Breaking Bad actor wasn’t really comfortable being almost n*ked in front of Julia and the whole cast and crew. Scroll ahead to read what he had said about that awkwardness.

In an interview with The Playboy magazine, Bryan Cranston opened up about that intimate scene with Julia Roberts. Giving a humorous comparison with Anthony Weiner, he had joked while describing his look that he was wearing “slightly less clothes than Anthony Weiner.” For the unversed, Anthony was a former New York congressman who became a topic of discussion after his revealing picture got leaked on Twitter.

Going forward in the conversation, Bryan Cranston how extremely nervous he was before shooting that steamy scene. He said, “So we’re doing the scene, and right away I’m lying on top of her. I met her maybe a month before, and now I’m lying on top of her. Our noses are touching, we’re waiting, and we hear

, the director, say, ‘Okay, we need to make an adjustment on the camera. Hang on.’ So there I am, lying on top of Julia Roberts, and we’re making small talk. ‘So…how are you? You have kids, right?’ We’re talking about family, whatever, just passing the time.”

Explaining how his choice of clothing made the whole scenario more stressful and awkward, Bryan mentioned, “It was probably more awkward for me, because under the sheets, she was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Tom kept tugging on her shirt. ‘Aw, , Julia. Come on, we’ve got to show something. We’ve got to show a little skin.’ And me, I’m just wearing a c*ck sock.”

Well, that’s what the whole fuss about Bryan Cranston wearing a c*ck-sock and shooting the intimate scene with Julia Roberts.

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