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Big Bang Theory: Did Penny and Raj Really Sleep Together?


Penny and Raj seemingly slept together in a cliffhanger that had fans unsure for an entire offseason.Raj technically had more partners than Penny throughout the series, despite Penny being portrayed as promiscuous. This undermines the joke about Penny's promiscuity and suggests a double standard.The Penny and Raj sleeping together storyline was widely disliked by fans and even the show's creators. It was seen as a betrayal of Penny's feelings for Leonard and could have ruined both characters if it had continued.

Did Penny sleep with Raj in season 4? From the get-go, it was clear that the sitcom was positioning Leonard (Johnny Galecki) to be Penny's (Kaley Cuoco) love interest, but that doesn't mean that they didn't see other people.

Over the years, both have dated separately while in the flux of their own relationship. Penny had gone out with a string of other men including Stuart (Kevin Sussman), but her weirdest affair, arguably, was with Raj (Kunal Nayyar). Following their first big break-up, Leonard dated Priya while Penny ironically stayed single.While there's palpable tension between the women, they didn't speak of it, causing and more with his girlfriend. In season 4 finale titled "The Roommate Transmogrification," Raj temporarily moved into Apartment 4A as his sister and her boyfriend take over his place. Initially, he, Sheldon, and Penny stay in the living room, but eventually, the socially-inept genius leaves the pair to their wine.
The next thing viewers see, Penny and Raj wake up in Leonard's bed together, both naked. But did Penny sleep with Raj in this episode?

Raj And Penny Didn't Sleep Together

The idea was that Penny and Raj slept together, although the show ended the season with that cliffhanger, waiting until season 5 to provide answers. This left fans wondering whether something happened between the pair, but even when picked up the year after, it didn't reveal what happened right away. In fact, Sheldon and Leonard spent a good amount of time debating what happened to her and Raj after they were caught walking out of the room in the morning.

At this point, she declared that although she didn't elaborate on it making it more confusing.So, did Penny sleep with Raj? Apparently not, but not because they didn't want to. Raj explained to Penny that they They were about to move forward, but Raj had trouble putting protection on. Penny trying to help didn't help at all, as it caused Raj to finish before starting. Since then, this incident was never mentioned again in This makes sense considering and tied the knot. At the end of the show, it was revealed that the Hofstadters were expecting their first child. As for Raj, he was still holding out hope that his soulmate is out there.

Raj's Sex Life Makes The Joke Fall Flat

Over 's 12-season run, the idea that Penny is promiscuous is often the butt of the joke — but over the course of the series, Raj technically had more partners than she did. Penny has roughly five confirmed partners on the show, whereas Raj had at least 10 relationships. Ultimately, it doesn't line up with his character, who is so terrified of women that he doesn't speak around them for quite some time. Out of everyone on the show, Raj technically had the most game, and considering that even Leonard had more partners than Penny, she had the lowest number of partners out of the core cast except Sheldon and Howard.

This makes the joke fall flat on its face, as Penny is often considered promiscuous when it's actually . All in all, the Penny and Raj sleeping together joke falls in line with complaints about being rather sexist at times, and the double standard in this situation is made painfully obvious.

This Penny And Raj Storyline Wasn't Popular

There have been a lot of complaints about over the years, even from diehard fans. It is rare a show can last for 12 seasons and have a spotless record. However, despite all the times the show fell short with its stories, the Penny and Raj sleeping together storyline remains one of the most hated in the show's history.

Even the show's creators regretted this storyline and wished they could have changed it. Chuck Lorre came up with the idea of Penny and Raj in bed at the end of season 4, an idea that Steve Molaro didn't agree with (via ).

"I really did not like that season finale ending. I spent the entire hiatus being upset about it… I went upstairs to [Lorre’s] office right when we got back to work [on Season 5] and said something like, ‘This is really bothering me. I think I have a way that we can… get out of it and preserve the characters as they are.’ He didn’t love it, but he knew it was important to me to the point that he conceded.


Molaro does give Lorre credit for getting Penny and Raj out of the predicament by writing in the premature ejaculation explanation. for several reasons. For one thing, Penny had just revealed her feelings for Leonard, and this seemed to betray Penny's feelings and Raj's friendship with Leonard. It seemed to be put into the show for shock, and if it had stuck, it could have ruined both characters on ​​​​​​.

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