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Raj’s Controversial Big Bang Theory Moment Defended By Prominent Indian Author

Amid the backlash on Raj's controversial dialogue, Media baron, thinker, author, and producer Pritish Nandy comes out and defends both the show and Netflix. CBS' mega-hit show ended in 2019, but it's currently in the middle of a scandal about a comment made by one of the main characters in its early years.Most of those who have shared their two cents have for the matter, but Nandy has a different way of seeing things. Speaking with , the prominent Indian media personality not only backs the show, but he also has a convincing explanation why this should be a non-issue. Read his full quote below:

“I do not like the comment but the truth is actors' fans, like cricket fans, talk like this. They feel very strongly and competitively about those who they like and often compare them disparagingly with others. This is not a Netflix comment on Madhuri. This is not even the view of the show’s writer. Nor even the actor. It is the opinion of a fictional character in a work of fiction, illustrating how fans or admirers talk about their idols and those who they see as their idols’ rivals. It is not defamatory if you see it in true context. If you call this defamation, then the actor who is called a c** by a fellow actor in a fictional dialogue can sue the other actor and claim the comment was personal, not part of an imaginary dialogue.

The Big Bang Theory's New Netflix Controversy Explained

The matter first came to light after political analyst MIthunn Vijay Kumar sent a that includes a joke about Bollywood star Madhuri Dixit. The outing in question is from season 2 titled "The Bad Fish Paradigm." In it, Raj, played by Nayyar says: "."

Neither Netflix nor anyone who worked on has released a response to the matter. Whether they are planning to in the foreseeable future at this point is uncertain. Because having a problematic sense of humor has been discussed before, they may be inclined to just be mum about this issue, hoping that it will eventually die down.

Considering 's brand of comedy in its earlier years, issues like this are inevitable. This is especially true because of syndication and the show's streaming platform availability. Re-runs have already cut Sheldon and Leonard's sperm bank scene in the pilot after it was deemed inappropriate.


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