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"Focus on me and be with me": Jennifer Aniston's FRIENDS Co-Star Was Desperately Hungry For Her Attention

Jennifer Aniston's FRIENDS co-star Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing in the popular sitcom. Chandler is funny, of course, but Perry lived a pretty terrible life in a dark place. The actor, who had feelings for Aniston faced her rejection everything went sideways.

Despite rejecting his proposal, Aniston never stopped caring for her co-star, she has considered Perry a good friend and chose not to give up on him during his days of sorrow. The actor later revealed that Aniston has rescued him from the darkest time of his life.

Matthew Perry Had A Huge Crush on Jennifer Aniston

There would be a lot of women having a crush on Chandler, Matthew Perry's character in FRIENDS, but he had a huge crush on his co-star Jennifer Aniston. However, when the actor expressed his desire to be with her, Perry was crushed by her rejection who was dating Brad Pitt at the time. Eventually "my crush dissipated," Perry later said but at first he was desperate for her attention.

"Right at first, at first, it was like she would walk in, I'd be like hey 'good to see you' and I'd go to my dressing room, just go, I'll never, I'll never be able to be with her.

Um, but how can you not have a crush on Jennifer Aniston?" Perry told in the Sirius XM podcast.

However, Aniston just wanted to be his friend. Later the actor revealed that she responded by saying, "Deafening lack of interest." But Perry also had a crush on all the women in the show as he mentioned in his memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing yet, Aniston was special to him. In the book, the actor revealed that he used to look at her wondering how long could he look at her and how long is too long. Although it did not work between the stars, they have remained friends.

Matthew Perry Endured a Dark Past

Perry always wanted to be seen, even growing up the actor said, he wanted the attention of his mother when everyone was looking at her because she was beautiful. All he wanted from her was to turn and look at him, a few moments of togetherness. Also, he felt alienated and eventually got the tongue for alcohol just at the age of 14 believing that all his insecurities might evaporate with alcohol. "I finally felt home for the very first time as soon as I drank alcohol," Perry once said. "I lay in the grass and I thought to myself, this might be the way normal people feel all the time," he added later.

Perry also revealed that while working on FRIENDS, he was still struggling with insecurities and addiction. "I was taking 55 Vicodin in a day. I weighed 128 pounds," Perry once revealed. "I was on FRIENDS getting watched by 30 million people being beaten down so badly by the disease," he added. The actor also revealed that he used to steal pills from open houses.

"I would go to open houses and go to the bathrooms see what pills they had in there and steal them and I think they thought well there's no way that Chandler came in and stole from us," Perry told ABC.

While Perry was hiding his addiction, Aniston could see right through it. His situation got worse as the actor reportedly lost weight drastically. Perry escaped death as his heart stopped for a while in the emergency due to an overdose. Following his recovery he worked hard to get sober and made certain rules to guide his life.

Source: YouTube.

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