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5 Things Young Sheldon’s Missy Needs to Do in Her Rebellious Phase, Ranked

Young Sheldon has finally set up Missy's bad-girl phase in season 6, and viewers can't wait to see what is next for the character.

Here are five things Young Sheldon fans want Missy to do before her rebellious phase is over.

5. Get Her Belly Button Pierced

In the penultimate episode of season 6, adult Sheldon claims that Missy got her belly button pierced during the summer he was in Germany right under George's nose. We need to see that on-screen! Did she make that bold decision all on her own? Were Paige and/or Tonya her accomplices? We bet there's a whole story there.

4. Sneak Out More and More

In the same episode, adult Sheldon also says that Missy ran out 32 times, and we highly doubt that it was to get milk or walk around the neighborhood. We want to see more of Missy's mischievous adventures, such as going out to college parties and on illegal road trips. Maybe some of those 32 times weren't actually bad?

3. Get a Secret Tattoo

Tattoos perfectly go with any misbehaving teenager's poor choices, and this seems very much in Missy's style. She could get one without Sheldon or her parents knowing (at least until she is all grown-up). Perhaps, she could even do that the very same day she gets her first piercing?

2. Start a Fight

Unlike Sheldon, Missy is not above getting her hands dirty. She has had fights with her brothers, and she has played a rather masculine sport. What if there's a time Missy gets drunk at a party and gets into a fight over a boy or protecting one of her girlfriends? This could happen, and it would be very in-character for her.

1. Almost Flunk Out of School

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon mentions that it took Missy six years to graduate from high school, although he doesn't go into detail as to why. Did she miss so much school she had to be held back a year twice? Did she just do horribly on her assignments? Did George's death have such an impact on her that she stopped caring? Show us everything!

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