“I’m f—king sick of this narrative”: Marvel Star Josh Brolin’s Domestic Abuse Case Dragged by Chris Brown After Singer Wants Fans to Forgive Him for Hitting Rihanna

Chris Brown has come a long way since his relationship with Rihanna did not end the way either of them had expected it to. He received massive backlash from fans upon the accusations of violence against the singer. As Rihanna gets ready to welcome her second child with A$AP Rocky, Brown shared his support for her and commented on her halftime show rather positively.

The rapper had enough of the hate even after years had passed since and finally decided to speak up, pointing toward the audience that hasn't moved on yet while he has.

Brown pointed towards the fans who would say that people can change but would then be engulfed by cancel culture.

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Chris Brown Seems To Have Moved On From The Incident With Rihanna

Chris Brown was accused by his then-partner Rihanna of domestic abuse. She had even shared her photo of all the bruises that he had given her. The two had briefly broken up because of the incident but, had then gotten back together after the singer had forgiven him. The two once again broke things off because of the different things they wanted in life.

Brown has since had many other girlfriends and Rihanna announced her second pregnancy with A$AP Rocky during the Superbowl halftime show.

"But thats OK? It's entertainment? ALL y'all can s*ck my d**k disrespectfully."

The rapper pointed out how long it had been since the event had taken place and that even though he is a changed man, the media and the public would never be able to forgive him when the singer could too.

"I'm f**king 33! I'm tired of y'all running with this narrative."

He pointed towards how many people get away with beating others up in public while he is still being thrashed for something that happened years ago.

Recently Chloë Bailey also received a lot of backlashes when she announced a new single with Brown. His reputation has since depleted greatly and the rapper has had enough of the fans pushing him and other artists down for a 'mistake' he made all those years ago.

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Chris Brown Targets Josh Brolin And Other Artists To Shake The Hate Towards Him

Chris Brown focused on how a lot of white artists get excused for the same allegations when he gets thrashed almost every day by his own fans.

He posted a couple of photos of artists who had been accused of domestic violence in the past and were freely roaming around with minimal hate.

"Oh. That's right.. they are your buddies," he added. "No more fake love from me.. Stay out my way or get ran over simple as that!"

Among these artists, Brown added the names of Josh Brolin, Nicholas Cage, Emma Roberts, Tommy Lee, and other 'white celebrities' who somehow escaped all the hate. The rapper added how cancel culture seems to vanish when the accused may even be a white person dating underage people.

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