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Jennifer Aniston's N-de Scene With Ex Boyfriend & Ex Husband Put Her in the Most Excruciating Situation Ever

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most celebrated and successful actresses in Hollywood. She has been known for her incredible cinematic skills, impeccable sense of humor, and extraordinary work across multiple genres of projects. 

The actress goes to extreme lengths to match the insane physical transformation of her on-screen character's phenomenal physique, which is the envy of women all over the globe. Aniston is a multi-hyphenate star who never shied away from taking challenges and complex roles, and she remains on top of her acting A-game. 

In 2012, she starred opposite Paul Rudd in the American comedy film Wanderlust, and their undeniable chemistry and excellent performance earned both of them positive reviews from the audience. Nevertheless, an insider once dished that the 54-year-old star allegedly pleaded with makers to remove certain n-de scenes from the flick because of her then-boyfriend Justin Theroux and co-star Paul Rudd.

Jennifer Aniston Wanted Makers To Remove Her N-de Scenes

Jennifer Aniston is a multitalented star whose work across television shows and the big screen has earned her several accolades and immense love and praise from fans. The actress has successfully led many big-budgeted, big-banner record-breaking projects in her golden career, making herself one of the most in-demand talents in showbiz. 

Her beautiful megawatt smile and enchanting personality make her a fan favorite. She is a hardworking star performer who goes deep into her on-screen character and works tirelessly to give her best performance to entertain her fans. 

In addition to her professional career, fans of the actress are always eager to know about the latest in her love life. The actress was married to Brad Pitt, and after her divorce from Pitt, she began dating her co-star Justin Theroux while working with him on the 2012 film Wanderlust and married him in 2018. 

Nevertheless, it was an awkward situation for her to work with her alleged ex-boyfriend Paul Rudd and her then-boyfriend Theroux. The flick had many intimate and n-de scenes that might make Aniston uncomfortable, and she once allegedly asked the film director to remove a topless scene because of her now-former husband, Theroux. 

Why Did Jennifer Aniston Plead To Remove The Topless Scene?

According to reports, an insider once dished to The Wrap that Jennifer Aniston allegedly pleaded with makers to remove the topless scene from her film Wanderlust and replaced it with a tone-down version and less revealing shots. In the movie, she played the character of Linda Gergenblatt, the wife of George Gergenblatt, played by Paul Rudd. The source claimed,

"The scene was shot a bunch of different ways, and we have the best possible version."

In an interview, Jennifer Aniston opened up about filming the intimate scene with her co-star Rudd in the film, saying,

"It's not comfortable completely, but once your adrenaline kicks in and you're just in the scene and in the moment — it's one, two, three takes and let's go home."

While her former now husband, Justin Theroux, who played Seth in the flick, expressed his opinion on the intimate sequence, saying,

"We thought it would be awkward for them, but they were just like, 'Whatever, we're naked.'"

At the time, rumors of Aniston and Theroux dating began to do rounds on the internet, but the actress trashed the claims calling them by saying nothing happened on the sets between them. The former coupled tied the knot in 2015, and their whirlwind romance ended in 2018.

Source: The Wrap

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