“We’ve had some of the best conversations”: Brad Pitt Spilled the Tea on Jennifer Aniston’s Habit of Talking in Her Sleep, Claimed She Had Very Unusual Demands

Back in the day, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were one of Hollywood’s most adored couples. Fans could not get enough of them and were always interested in their lifestyle. The pair, who were matched by their managers and secretly dated before being married in 2000, decided to part ways in 2005.

At the Emmy Awards in 1999, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt made their red carpet debut and stunned the audience. It is now regarded as one of the most memorable red carpet entrances since Pitt wore silver sunglasses and Aniston was dressed in sequins. Even though they were madly in love, Brad Pitt shared a habit with Aniston which terrified him.

Let’s find out.

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Brad Pitt confirmed Jennifer Aniston sleepwalks and talks

During his appearance on in 2004, revealed that his then-wife sleepwalks and talks. He said,

“She gets a lot done when she’s asleep. I think you’ve heard the story; I caught her outside one night. The alarm was going off, and I found her outside. Literally, she had to negotiate through like three or four rooms, and I found her standing outside. We were living on a cliff at that time; it was not good.”

The actor continued to share that he had heard the sound of drawers opening and closing in other rooms and he thought that she would be back but went ahead to reveal that she did speak in her sleep as well, noting that Aniston had gone on some five-minute dissertation on the needs of Tuesdays with Morrie and our contemporary society.

Pitt joked during the interview,

referencing his then-wife, sleep-talking at the time, pointing out that his favorite one was when she said,

Jennifer Aniston calls herself a ‘lifelong sleepwalker’

In 2002, during an interview with US Weekly, the actress described herself as a lifelong sleepwalker, recalling an incident that happened recently with the couple at the time. She explained,

“The alarm scared the s— out of me. I woke up, and I was out by the pool equipment in the back. Pitt was terrified because he heard the alarm and I’m not there- it was just awful.”

The actress went on to reveal at the time that it was not the first time that she had walked out of the house, as she shared that she would walk into the living room and her mother would have a conversation with her and she would know nothing about that.

In another interview, the actress mentioned that her sleep issues started when she was in her 30s or even earlier but she didn’t notice the effects of lack of sleep when she was young because at the time people were so invincible. She went on to reveal,

“It began as something that I would just accept and then all of a sudden you realize the effects of your lack of sleep and how it affects your day and your work and your function and your physique. The more I worry about it, the harder it is to fall asleep.”

Jennifer Aniston had to seek professional help for her sleep issues

During an interview back in 2022, the actress said that she was woken up by house alarms that she had set off, adding that she doesn’t do that anymore as it only happened when she was super sleep-deprived.

Now in her 50s, the actress who takes care of her health at the maximum, says that she realized a few years ago that she needed medical help to deal with her insomnia, stating,

“It became something that I really was struggling with. It used to be the last thing on the list, but you can’t really abide by the three pillars of health — which are diet, exercise, and sleep — if you can’t really exercise and you can’t really eat right if you haven’t slept well because your body clock is so completely thrown off.”

The actress revealed that she got help from her doctor which she recommends to people and noted that she gives herself time to wind down, does some stretches or yoga, and leaves her phone out of the room, which has helped her to make a difference in her sleeping pattern. She sleeps with her three dogs and says it’s just too cozy when they cuddle.


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