The Truth Behind Rihanna's Troubled Childhood

Robyn Fenty, or Rihanna as we know her is iconic in both the music and fashion world. The 35-year-old earned her billion-dollar fortune through pure hard work, earning herself the title of America's youngest female self-made billionaire.

At this point, Rihanna is known for her efforts in the beauty world just as much as her music, perhaps even more so. It's a testament to her icon status that she still has fans holding out hope for her 9th studio album.

While Rihanna is currently a happy soon-to-be mother of two, things weren't always this way for the singer. Things were hard for the young star growing up on her island home of Barbados.

Luckily, she was able to rise above her challenges to become the legend we know today.

How Did Rihanna Earn Her Billion Dollar Fortune?

While most of Rihanna's $1.4 billion net worth can be attributed to the success of her beauty brand Fenty Beauty, that's far from her only source of revenue.

Rihanna also has her collection of hits and her lingerie company, Savage X Fenty, bringing in dough for her, and that's not even touching any of the several brand endorsements she has had over the years.

If you're wondering how much money Rihanna made from her music alone, in 2016 she made $7.

6 million dollars from streaming alone and $10.1 million in revenue. That's not even considering how much money she's made from touring. Her highest-grossing tour, her Diamonds World Tour made $140 million worldwide.

Inside Rihanna's Troubled Childhood

While things may be going great for the star now, she didn't have the best childhood. Growing up her father was abusive and addicted to alcohol and other substances. Her father had this to say about his addiction.

"I did have a drug problem and Rihanna did walk in and see me taking drugs in our house. She was just a little kid and it made her look at me, and other things, differently.

I did not want my children to see me sleeping on the sidewalk so I started making the changes. I had to give up drugs for my family. I still kind of lost them, I split up with my wife. But I still had to do it for myself and eventually I beat it"

Rihanna had to deal with her parents separating at a young age, and her father was physically abusive towards Rihanna and her mother. This early abuse helped to form Rihanna's strong stance against domestic violence.

She said, "My parents had a very abusive relationship. My dad was the abuser. He hit her on numerous accounts. I don't want to say normal, but it wasn't a surprise when it happened.

She never went to the hospital. Domestic violence is not something that people want anybody to know."

She has also spoke out about her own abuse at the hands of her father. "He slapped me so hard. I ran home with his handprint on me. I couldn't believe it. My mother saw my face, how traumatized I was. You know how, when you know you did something wrong, and you deserve to get beat? This was out of nowhere."

After her parent's separation, Rihanna had to take care of her younger brother while her single mother worked full-time. Her home wasn't the only place where things were difficult for Rihanna.

While it might be surprising to hear, considering that Rihanna has an incredibly strong personality today, she was bullied as a child.

"I got teased my entire school life. What they were picking on, I don't even understand. It was my skin color. Then, when I got older, it was about my breasts."

Luckily, things got better for her. Music was always her escape, and in 2004 she got the chance to audition for Def Jam studios after some of her demos were heard by Jay-Z. She remembers being extremely nervous about being around Jay-Z.

"I was like, 'Oh God, he's right there, I can't look, I can't look, I can't look!.

I remember being extremely quiet. I was very shy. I was cold the entire time. I had butterflies. I'm sitting across from Jay-Z. Like, Jay-Z. I was star-struck,"

Lucky for her, the audition went well. "They locked me into the office till 3am. And Jay-Z said, 'There's only two ways out. Out the door after you sign this deal. Or through this window.' And we were on the 29th floor. Very flattering."

Rihanna's Experience With Domestic Violence In Her Own Relationship

In 2009 Rihanna's then-boyfriend, Chris Brown, physically assaulted her. The incident occurred the day before the Grammy Awards.

According to Rihanna, Brown was completely overcome with anger the night the incident happened.

"It wasn't the same person that says I love you. It was not those… eyes. He had … no soul in his eyes. Just blank. …He was clearly blacked out. There was no person when I looked at him".

Rihanna did get back with Brown for a short period of time after the incident, but she ultimately chose to permanently end things after thinking about the example she'd be setting for young girls and her own well-being.

"When I realized that my selfish decision for love could result into some young girl getting killed, I could not be easy with that part. I couldn't be held responsible for going back. … If Chris never hit me again, who is to say that their boyfriend won't?"

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