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Rihanna Launched Her Career With This Hit Song, But How Much Did It Earn Her?

Let's take a trip back in time to 2005, when a brand-new singer named Rihanna dropped her debut single Pon De Replay. It's hard to picture a star with such notoriety during her humble beginnings. But, at the time, the icon had barely begun carving her way to the legendary status she holds today.

Back in the present, we all know RiRi has accomplished a number of impressive feats, one of these being her recent half-time show performance, during which she absolutely slayed (even while expecting her second child). Everyone has to start somewhere, though! Even then, audiences knew she had talent, and this track landed her both a ton of connections and even a 12-week spot inside the top 10 of the Hot 100 and 23 weeks on the chart in total.

Since this release, the powerhouse has gone on to win a number of AMA awards, BET awards, and even an Oscar nomination! Not to mention, start her own successful beauty brand, and become one of the most iconic fashionistas of our generation. Thinking back to the song that started it all, did it even make Rihanna any money?

How Much Did Rihanna Make From Pon De Replay?

Across the multiple streaming platforms that the song has been listed on, physical album copies sold, and royalties from various pieces of media featuring the song, the exact number for the amount of money Rihanna made from Pon De Replay can't be accurately deciphered.

That being said, what can be figured out is a rough estimate based on the number of times that she sold the track. Since the song was certified platinum twice by the Recording Industry Association of America, it sold at least 2 million copies.

According to Pitchfork, per-unit album sales back in the early 2000s were roughly $18.52. If we multiply 2 million by $18.52, we get around $37 million. This is a rough baseline unaffected by outside factors like taxes, recording fees, and other variables.

Aside from money, though, the single certainly garnered her something that proved much more favorable- recognition.

The demo tape that the song was included in was the very same tape that landed her an audition with Jay-Z's record label, Def Jam.

With the help of her incredible voice, Jay-Z was so impressed with her audition that he signed her onto the label on the spot.

What Rihanna Song Made The Most Money?

Despite launching the star's career, Pon De Replay certainly cannot claim the title of Rihanna's greatest hit. This poses a new question; What exactly is?

This figure is another that is difficult to discern based on the information publicly available, but we can deduce which songs made her the most profit based on which songs have been established as the most listened to.

According to Billboard, the title of the most successful Rihanna song goes to We Found Love feat. Calvin Harris. This song spent a whopping ten weeks at the cushy #1 spot on the Billboard Top 100. This single is followed closely by Umbrella and Work, which had their time in the #1 spot for seven and nine weeks respectively.

Since these songs have garnered so much popularity and success, we can reasonably assume that these songs are the ones that raked in the biggest amount of money for the artist.

But the truth is, Rihanna's music is just one of her many streams of income. From makeup to clothing to her obvious career as a singer, what kind of net worth has the star managed to amass?

Rihanna's Shocking Net Worth

A little-known fact about queen RiRi is that she is the most wealthy female singer in the world. Her net worth is so huge, in fact, that it starts with a "B," not an "M." That's right—Rihanna is a billionaire.

All in all, her net worth amounts to roughly $1.7 billion. Though it's a bit of a shock considering how high the number is, it's also expected of a woman who has her eggs in so many golden baskets.

Although Rihanna's multiple businesses have been proving very opportune for the singer, there are some who wonder if her other career endeavors have been distracting her from recording more music.

For several months, fans of the star have been eagerly anticipating the release of her ninth studio album, which is rumored to be in the works.

We might not know exactly how much Rihanna made from the song that started it all, but the impact that the icon's impending career would have on our culture is worth its weight in gold.

One thing is for sure; no matter how much money Rihanna makes from her music, the enjoyment and empowerment that it gives to her fans is something priceless in its own right.

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