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Jennifer Aniston And Nicole Kidman Might Not Be On The Best Of Terms, Despite Filming Just Go With It

In the modern age of film and television, one would struggle to find bigger names in the industry than Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman. The former has managed to secure nominations for seven Primetime Emmy Awards and five Golden Globe Awards, winning one in each respectively. Most of those are for her work on the classic NBC sitcom Friends and, more recently, The Morning Show on Apple TV Plus.

Kidman is even more decorated in terms of awards. In 2002, she starred in a psychological drama thriller film titled The Hours alongside Meryl Streep and Juliane Moore. The performance won her widespread acclaim, and she consequently won an Academy Award for "Best Actress." It was her second Oscar nomination, following her recognition for Moulin Rouge! from the previous year.

The Rabbit Hole star has gone on to receive three more nominations at the Academy Awards, albeit without another win. She is also a six-time Golden Globe Award winner, with two Primetime Emmys, one BAFTA as well as one Screen Actors Guild Award.

Combined, Aniston and Kidman have nearly 80 years' worth of experience, but the industry has barely grown weary of them. The Friends actress is in fact still deemed to be a Hollywood sweetheart. It might be a different matter altogether, though, when it comes to their relationship.

Jennifer Aniston And Nicole Kidman Starred Together In Just Go With It

Just Go With It is a romantic comedy film that was written by Allan Loeb and Timothy Dowling, and directed by Dennis Dugan (Happy Gilmore, Grown Ups). The movie was released in 2011, with Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Adam Sandler taking lead roles alongside the likes of Nick Swardson, Brooklyn Decker, Bailee Madison, Griffin Gluck and Heidi Montag.

The film followed the story of Danny Maccabee (Sandler), a successful plastic surgeon who convinces his assistant Katherine Murphy (Aniston) to pose as his soon-to-be-divorced wife so that he can pursue a relationship with Palmer (Decker), a young and attractive school teacher. The fake wife that Katherine poses as goes by the name Devlin. The actual Devlin Adams was the role played by Kidman.

Katherine reluctantly agrees, and the two travel to Hawaii, where they are joined by Katherine's children, who are in on the ruse, and Danny's best friend Eddy (Swardson), who is posing as Katherine's divorce lawyer. Things quickly get complicated when Palmer shows up in Hawaii, and Danny is forced to come up with more lies to cover up the truth.

Jennifer Aniston And Nicole Kidman Both Worked With Reese Witherspoon

The reports of a potential feud between Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman first emerged in December 2019, in the build-up to the 2020 Golden Globe Awards.

Unsurprisingly, the two prolific award winners were nominated that year, in the category "Best Actress in a Television Series – Drama." Aniston was recognized for her portrayal of Alex Levy in The Morning Show, while Kidman's nomination was for playing Celeste Wright in Big Little Lies.

A common theme between the two actors and their respective works was that they both got to co-star with Reese Witherspoon on both shows. The Legally Blonde star featured in The Morning Show as Bradley Jackson, Alex's new colleague in the eponymous morning news and talk show on the fictional UBA Network. In Big Little Lies, she played the character Madeline Martha Mackenzie.

A report by New Idea suggested that the reported beef brewing between Aniston and Kidman was actually borne out of jealousy and competition for Witherspoon's attention. "Nicole and Jen used to be good pals but lately they've been competing over who gets to hang out with Reese," the publication quoted an apparent source close to the pair.

Are Jennifer Aniston And Nicole Kidman Actually Feuding?

The article on New Idea went on to anticipate a huge, public fallout between Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman in the days, weeks and months that followed.

"It's become super awkward, but they haven't had to deal with it publicly until now," the report also said. "They're all pretty fiery and used to getting their way, so you can expect the claws to come out bigtime when they're all in the same room."

This explosion of rivalry did not really happen — at least not in the public eye as the story had originally suggested. To start with, neither Kidman or Aniston got to add to their trophy cabinets on that Golden Globe evening, as The Crown's Olivia Colman emerged victorious in their category. They were both nominated again in 2022, however, with Kidman winning "Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama" for her role in the film The Ricardos.

While there aren't many publicly available quotes from either Kidman or Aniston about the other, the Nine Perfect Strangers once praised her Just Go With It co-star's body in a joint interview. "You are a freak of nature. You have the best body I've ever seen," Kidman said to Aniston.

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