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Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie To Finally Open Up About The Problems Faced With Brad Pitt In Their Books? "Helping Other Women Avoid Falling..." States A Report

Though Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are similar in terms of having successful acting careers, they do have another thing in common which is Brad Pitt. Both actresses have been in relationships with the actor at different times and now if the reports are to be believed then they are releasing their respective memoirs which will include Brad Pitt stories too.

Brad Pitt met Jennifer Aniston in 1998 and got married 2 years later. However, they decided to part ways after 5 years of marriage. Amid the divorce proceedings, Pitt was often spotted with Angelina Jolie post which their dating rumours created a buzz online. The duo were often seen together after which media even referred to them as ‘Brangelina.’ However, after being married for 7 years, they announced their separation in 2016.

According to Entertainment Times, a report by Heat UK recently claimed that both Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston will be releasing their memoirs that will include their stories about Brad Pitt. A source told the publication that the Friends star has collected a trove of material but she still needs time to sit and discuss the same with the publishers.

The report further claimed that Jennifer Aniston still has nightmares about the horrible days which resulted in her needing therapy to a large extent. the source also mentioned that she will achieve closure only when she tells people how it unfolded. “

has collected a trove of material but needs to find the time to sit with publishers and brainstorm a deal structure and rollout plan. Once that’s done, she’ll be good to go, but it’s likely to be late next year. Jen still has nightmares about those horrible days. It resulted in her needing therapy and to a large extent, she’s still not achieved the closure she craves. She’s come to believe that will only be possible when she tells people exactly how it all unfolded. For Jen, this is about finally exorcising that whole Angelina and Brad saga from her soul,” the source said.

On the other hand, Jolie’s memoir is reportedly less likely to delve into relationships she’s had with Brad and more from a standpoint of helping other women avoid falling into those types of relationships. “Ange’s book is less likely to delve into relationships, but the troubles she’s had with Brad will be addressed. It’ll be more from a standpoint of helping other women avoid falling into those types of relationships,” the source added.

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