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Was Jennifer Aniston Forced Into A Rivalry With Sarah Jessica Parker While On Friends?


Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston have been rumored to be in a feud since the 1990s.The alleged feud between the two stars stems from competition between them in their careers.Both Aniston and Parkerbare known to have close relationships with other famous friends in the industry.

was already a massive hit when Sex and the City debuted on HBO in 1998. But there's no underplaying just how popular the Sarah Jessica Parker series was. After all, it spawned two outlandishly profitable movies, despite , and a sequel series, And Just Like That.

Little do many fans know that Parker was actually said to have been in a feud with television's other queen,

. But are the rumors of Aniston and Parker's feud even remotely true?

Were Jennifer Aniston And Sarah Jessica Parker Ever In A Feud?

Sarah Jessica Parker is in no way a stranger to celebrity feuds. While series (barring a distant and brief cameo) have little to do with Parker, their complicated dynamic is well known. But was she ever in a feud with Friends star Jennifer Aniston?

While rumors of their feud date back to the 1990s, for reasons divulged below, they sparked back up again in 2022. fans were wondering if Aniston's alleged desire to cast Cattrall on her AppleTV+ series The Morning Show was in order to slight Sarah Jessica Parker.

"Jen will never admit how bitter the rivalry between her and Sarah Jessica Parker is, but it’s an open secret in Hollywood that they have zero time for one another, and that Jen had been wondering how she could keep the upper hand in the TV world," a source allegedly told Heat World.

"The Morning Show team has got deep pockets, and Jen’s confident Kim will go for it. Getting Kim onboard and a bit of revenge at the same time is just too tempting an opportunity to pass up."

It should be stated that there has been no independent vetting of this source, so one simply cannot claim that there is, in fact, a feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston.

Numerous other sources, however, have claimed that there is a feud between the two television icons but they are all basing their reporting on Heat World's article.

Nevertheless, Heat World claimed that the alleged feud between Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston stems from the completion between them in their careers in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

This accusation isn't exactly without merits. After all, various news sources have pitted the two women's careers against each other. This isn't atypical for the media to do to women, particularly in the early 2000s.

The who compared the movie roles Parker and Aniston both booked after their shows concluded.

In Entertainment Weekly's March 2004 article, they called both Parker and Aniston "fashion trend-setting gals in the big city" and compared the movies they booked after Friends and Sex and the City ended.

An insider allegedly told Heat World that the parallels between Aniston and Parker's careers are not lost on the actors. Both in the 1990s and in the 2020s.

"Jen and Sarah Jessica once again find themselves in an identical position, which has happened at various points during their respective careers," the insider allegedly said to Heat World.

When discussing the competition between AppleTV+'s The Morning Show and HBO's Sex and the City sequel series, And Just Like That, the insider went on to say, "Sarah Jessica and Jennifer have never been friends, but more than that, there are cold economics to consider. The goal is simple: to be the face of the number one scripted streaming program for certain-aged women. This is the same battle for attention Sarah Jessica and Jen fought almost 20 years ago when Sex And The City and Friends were at their height."

The insider continued by saying, "Jen and Sarah Jessica are finding themselves back where they were in the early noughties – in direct opposition to one another as stars and producers with high-stakes projects riding on them."

While there's truth in how the media and maybe even audiences compared and contrasted Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker's careers, neither star has ever publicly slighted the other. The insider told Heat World that both Aniston and Parker take their And Just Like That and Morning Show competition personally, and that it's a matter of "pride" for each of them. However, neither star has addressed this publicly.

So, quite simply, it seems as though Aniston and Parker are not in a feud whatsoever.

Are Jennifer Aniston And Sarah Jessica Parker Friends?

Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker certainly come from the same generation of Hollywood stars. The shows that made each of them household names, Friends and Sex and the City respectively, overlapped in their hold over American pop culture. And, yes, they have almost certainly been compared and contrasted in the media.

But neither woman has ever publicly commented on the other.

Not only have they not worked together, but they have never appeared on a talk show together nor spoken about the other in interviews.

So, while there's no evidence to suggest that they're in a feud, there's also no evidence to claim that they are friends.

Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston do have an assortment of famous friends, however.

The Sex and the City and Family Stone star is famous besties with Bravo's Andy Cohen. Parker is also close with her Divorced co-star Molly Shannon, her Sex and the City co-star Cynthia Nixon, Drew Barrymore, and Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, according to Ranker.

Jennifer Aniston is part of a rather large friend group of A-list stars. According to The Daily Mail, People, and Us, Aniston has remained extremely close friends with many of his Friends co-stars, most notably Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, with whom she travels with. Aniston is also friends with Jimmy Kimmel and his wife Molly, Howard Stern and his wife Beth, Jason Bateman, Kerry Washington, Reese Witherspoon, and her frequent co-star Adam Sandler.

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