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One Time When Friends' Matthew Perry Took His ‘Nude’ Prank on Jennifer Aniston Too Far

Matthew Perry once convinced Jennifer Aniston to do a Friends scene with him fully naked. The actress decided to play along, but she didn't expect his next move.

Many hilarious things were happening during the filming of the world's most beloved sitcom Friends, and some stories about the good old days still keep resurfacing during the cast's new interviews. This one, however, was told by Matthew Perry all the way back in 1995: he shared how he convinced his co-star to act fully naked.

In Friends' S1E13, there's a scene where Matthew Perry's Chandler Bing walks into the apartment and finds Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Green completely naked there. Typically, actors don't need to be fully undressed for scenes like that, but Perry decided to goof around and convince his famous co-star to do just that.

And you know Perry: of course, much like his character, he picked the most bizarre and funny explanation for why that had to be done.

"One of my favorite days in the history of days. The scene is where Chandler walks in and catches Rachel naked in the apartment. I turned to her one day and I said, 'You know I am method. I'm a method actor and if you're just gonna be 50% naked, I'm only gonna be able to give you 50% reaction,'" shared Perry.

Jennifer Aniston was no stranger to random craziness, so she decided to play along and agreed to shoot the scene while fully nude. Matthew didn't expect that convincing her would be that easy; after his initial success, he was set on taking his prank an extra step to ensure that day would become really memorable for Aniston.

"I kept asking for more takes. I kept tripping over things and saying, 'I need the rest of the afternoon for this,'" Perry added.

It was such a Chandler Bing and Matthew Perry thing to do! While it sounds fun, it may also raise some concerns among the good people at home, but don't worry: Aniston and Perry have been great friends for ages, and there was no second meaning there — just one buddy trying to make the other feel a bit embarrassed.

At the end of the day, everyone had fun, and that's all that matters.

Source: The Tonight Show with Jay Leno via YouTube

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