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The Barenaked Ladies Can Live Off Their Big Bang Theory Money Alone, But One Band Member Was Apparently Hanging On To The Profits

It proved to be a major hit and one that will continue to cash in thanks to backend profits alone. In truth, The Big Bang Theory could've gone on for several extra seasons, at least season 13. Nonetheless, it'll continue to generate revenue for years to come.

The Barenaked Ladies will also continue to enjoy exposure from the series, given that their iconic song is the intro of the series. In the following, we're going to take a look at how the song came to be, and how grateful Ed Robertson is for the song, especially given the revenue it generated for the band.

In addition, we're going to reveal why the song also caused controversy behind the scenes, resulting in tension and a lawsuit.

Let's take a look at what went down, and how the matter was resolved.

Barenaked Ladies Frontman Ed Robertson Joked That Even His Grandchildren Could Live Off The Profits From Their Big Bang Theory Hit

Speaking alongside Metro, frontman Ed Robertson did not downplay the impact of the song, and what it did for the group. Although he didn't reveal exactly how much was made from the popular song, he did reveal that the band will be okay for many years to come because of backend profits.

"It's been like having a hit multiple times a year for over a decade. It's been life-changing. The song has been very good to me,' he continued.

'And to my family. And to my grandchildren's family."

Robertson continued on discussing how the song was career-altering, while also revealing how easy the process was in creating the popular theme.

"That song changed my life,' he reflected. 'The writing process was so fun and easy and rewarding and my relationship with [TBBT creators] Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady has been so cool over the years. They've been so supportive of the band, and it changed my life unlike any other song in my entire catalogue."

Although the process and revenues left a good taste with most members, one in particular was not pleased with how the profits were sorted out,

Barenaked Ladies Band Member Steven Page Sued His Ex-Bandmates Over The Division Of The Big Bang Theory Song Profits

Back in 2015, it was revealed that founding band member Steven Page had filed a lawsuit, accusing his band members and Warner Bros. of breach of contract. According to Page, Ed Robertson kept most of the funds from the hit, and did not divide things properly.

Courthouse News Service writes, "Page claims Ed Robertson, with whom Page founded the band in 1988, kept all the money from the band's recording of the theme song for the Warner Bros. hit sitcom "The Big Bang Theory," rather than dividing it equally between the five members of the band."

Page claims that since the song was released in 2006, it has generated multi-millions, but nobody from the group saw any of that cash.

Page went on to claim that he owns half of the song, despite the fact that he left the group for a single's career in 2009.

Page was seeking 20% of the revenue from the song, which is said to be roughly over $1 million, at least at the time. The artist was also seeking damages from Warner Bros. at the time.

It seems like Page's lawsuit fell short just a year later, as Pryor Cashaman represented The Barenaked Ladies, and won the final verdict.

"Pryor Cashman argued that the Warner Agreement was irrelevant to the issue of how royalties are to be divided among the band members and the California court agreed.

The Court also found that, given the advanced state of the Canadian action, California is a seriously inconvenient forum," Pryor Chasman writes.

Case closed...

Ed Robertson Revealed The Big Bang Theory Song Allowed Them To Enter A Different Market

Without the song, the Barenaked Ladies were already enjoying major success, with an established fanbase. However, Robertson revealed that the anthem not only made the group extra profits, but it also opened the door to a different market of fans as well from the show.

Robertson explains with Metro, "But when Big Bang Theory came along, I had already had a number one song in one week, lots of top 10 hits and a career of success and then all of a sudden I get this gift with being associated with this incredibly popular show and writing a song that exposed me to a whole audience that never would have even known about Barenaked Ladies. I am nothing but grateful for that song."

Robertson went on to discuss that this type of hit can be a curse for other artists who get typecast because of it, but in this case, it just opened up new doors and enhanced the band's value and diversity in the space.

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