Jim Parsons' Raw Interview With Jimmy Fallon Was The Closest Fans Got To See The Actor Cry

His role on The Big Bang Theory changed his career. Unlike other actors, Jim Parsons doesn't have regrets about the role and being typecast because of his brilliance as Sheldon. Instead, he is nothing but grateful and thankful for the opportunity and impact in such a role.

Following the sitcom, Jim Parsons moved on to a completely different project, Spoiler Alert. As we're going to reveal in the following, it was an emotional process for the actor and that started even before the shoot when Jim took a look at the book. Fast forward and later on, he's playing the main role of Michael Ausiello.

We'll take a look at the role, and how Parsons almost broke down alongside Jimmy Fallon detailing his experience with the character and project.

Jim Parsons Broke Down Several Times Behind The Scenes During Spoiler Alert

While reading Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies: A Memoir of Love, Loss and Other Four-Letter Words, Jim Parsons was instantly hooked and overcome with emotions. The Michael Ausiello 2017 book detailed his late husband's battle with cancer. Parsons felt several emotions reading the book.

The actor tells Variety, "My husband watched me read it, which means he watched me sob through it. And he said, 'Do you think it would make a good movie?' I said, 'I don't know.

And he read it, and he said, 'I think it would.'"

Years later, Jim Parsons would be thrust in a career-changing role, taking on the Michael Ausiello character.

"I just saw it as this soul that suddenly gets thrust into this jungle and it's like, you're going to have to find a way and that was exciting."

"It was such a full view of two people who really love each other, two souls that come together and go on this journey together, the ups and downs of that, the coming apart and coming back together and, ultimately, being able to really get about as clear a view of another human being as you can possibly get.


It was clearly an emotional experience for the actor, and that was evident when speaking about the role alongside Jimmy Fallon.

Jim Parsons Needed To Take A Pause When Discussing Spoiler Alert On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

It was a different interview for Jim Parsons on the Tonight Show alongside Jimmy Fallon. This time, it wasn't all about The Big Bang Theory and instead, the actor shared his thoughts on the emotional portrayal of Michael Ausiello.

Parsons revealed that the journey was an emotional one, though the grief involved makes life than much better given that it didn't make him take things for granted.

As Jim is detailing the experience, he gets choked up and says, "I can cry, but I'm not going to. Keep it together." Fallon wisely steps in and changes the topic. The emotional moment can be seen at the 5:10 mark in the video below.

Seeing the different side of the actor, fans had nothing but praise for Parsons and his genuine interview.

"I watched Spoiler Alert and really loved it. The ending is sad of course, but the whole movie is just a delight and quite funny. It's essentially a love story more than anything," one fan writes.

Other fans of course brought up the actor's brilliance in The Big Bang Theory, and how his role in the sitcom can still be felt today.

"I love Jim Parsons. I first saw him on The Big Bang Theory playing Sheldon. I've seen him now in movies and so many other things he's an amazing actor."

As it turns out, Parsons faced more heartbreak prior to his run on Big Bang coming to an end.

Jim Parsons Faced Another Emotional Situation Which Would Lead To His Big Bang Theory Exit

Behind the scenes, there were several factors that would lead to Jim Parsons' exit from The Big Bang Theory. However, at the start of season 12, the actor still hadn't discussed his departure.

That would all change following a meeting with Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. As it turns out, Parsons was facing heartbreak behind the scenes at the time as well, with the poor health of his pet.

"I'll never forget that walk around the park to let him go to the bathroom before we went to the commercial shoot. It makes me upset now. I was like, 'This dog's gonna die while I'm off working. I feel so bad."

While shooting a play, his dog's health only got worse. It was at that point Jim realized it was time to do things differently.

"I had this moment of clarity — that I think you're very fortunate to get in a lot of ways — of going, 'Don't keep speeding by... Use this time to take a look around,'" he recalled, choking back tears again. "And I did. I was like, 'I gotta make a move.'"

Of course, among those major moves was ending The Big Bang Theory, which slowed down his insane schedule in a major way.

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