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Sandra Bullock Earned Massive $56M Salary With Her First Ever Oscar After Julia Roberts Refused to Take Pay-Cut for Ryan Reynolds’ $317M Movie

Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts are two of Hollywood's most sought-after actresses. However, what most people do not know is that from matching paychecks, and awards their careers have intertwined a lot. Given the kind of overlaps their careers had often gone through it is indeed strange that the two Oscar-winning actresses never featured in the same movie.

Especially because at that time, both actresses were the most famous for their iconic rom-com characters. What is even stranger is that they were once offered the same roles in the same movies, which one rejected and gave way for the other.

And that exact scenario once led Sandra Bullock to the most coveted Academy Awards. 

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Roberts had established herself well in the industry by the 2000s as one of the world's most sensational rom-com actresses. And as much as this meant her getting cast in similar roles left and right, it also caused her to lose a lot. Such as in The Proposal against Ryan Reynolds, which she had to refuse due to the pay cut.

The role eventually ended up in Sandra Bullock's bag gaining her not only a $56 million paycheck, but the $317 million grossing movie also earned her a Golden Globes nomination. Similarly, it was also Julia Roberts who first got proposed the role of Leigh Ann Tuohy in The Blind Side, however, as she was working on Valentine's Day at that time, she rejected the role.

It again went to none other than Sandra Bullock who again made a massive paycheck of $56 million from the movie. And although the biographical sports drama earned mixed reviews, especially with Michael Oher noting his disapproval of how he was portrayed in the film, Bullock's performance gained massive acclaim.

Interestingly, Sandra Bullock too initially rejected the role because of her staunch religious background because she thought it would hamper her performance onscreen. However, once she met the author, John Lee Hancock, her perspective completely changed.

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Although Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts' careers have stopped overlapping so much over the years due to the two contemporaries having completely different kinds of career growth, it is safe to say, both are doing amazing currently.

With Sandra Bullock going on to feature in The Heat, Ocean's 8, Bird Box, The Lost City, Gravity, and many more iconic roles, her current net worth stands at a whopping $250 million.

Julia Roberts too seems to be doing well in her career with movies like Eat, Pray, Love, Mirror Mirror, August: Osage County, Money Monster and Ben is Back which has contributed well to the Pretty Woman star's $250 million current net worth as well.

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It is interesting that the two industry colleagues have the same net worth as well. So obviously, this too is something that makes the fans hope that by chance one day their careers would overlap once again and lead them into sharing the same screen. 

Source: The Things

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