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"I was in people's living rooms every week for 10 years": Brad Pitt's Ex-Wife Jennifer Aniston Admits Harsh Reality

The evolution of Jennifer Aniston on screen has been quite fascinating. Making her debut in an uncredited role in the 1988 film Mac and Me, the actor has found her breakthrough role as Rachel Green on the television sitcom Friends which was aired from 1994 to 2004.

NBC's Friends is among one of the most popular sitcoms in history and the show has shaped Aniston's career as she went on to win an Emmy for her role in 2002. Later, the actor cleared the road to her journey to the big screen appearing in The Break-Up, We're the Millers, and Murder Mystery franchise. 

Jennifer Aniston's Hard Road to Cake

Jennifer Aniston's shift from comedy to a serious role in  Daniel Barnz's 2014 movie Cake was not easy. Of course, the actor has received a lot of accolades but her preparation for the role was not a piece of cake. "I had about six weeks to really do my homework," Aniston told TheWrap once.

"There was the physical pain, the addiction and the emotional pain. I just started with what the accident was: Physically, what was broken, [and then] located in the body where the pain was."

Aniston played Claire Simmons, a woman suffering from chronic pain in the movie. While preparing for the role the actor had to undergo several hard training as the character demanded the core of pain to reflect on her. "I wore a back brace that helped me to be constantly reminded," Aniston said of preparing for the role. "It was a little tap on my shoulder to keep the body — and honestly, once you start to psychosomatically create pain, it really does manifest itself into your own body," she added.

"I was in people's living rooms every week for 10 years… so I understand that's a hard shift to make. Or also to not see that person. So, I've had to disappear a little deeper into someone else in order to see that. But that's going farther and farther, hopefully, into the distance."

However, it was all exciting for Brad Pitt's ex-wife as he likes challenging roles even outside the comic territory.

Back to Comedy, the Murder Mystery Franchise

Aniston came back to comedy with Adam Sandler in the Murder Mystery franchise. The duo appeared as a couple playing detectives, solving murders. The pair had nice chemistry, also, the movies turned out to be Netflix hits. Kyle Newacheck's first installment of the franchise came out in 2019 and the sequel came with another director Jeremy Garelick with more fun and action. 

The success of the series can be traced back to the chemistry of the pair of couple detectives. Aniston revealed how she loved working with her co-star Sandler. 

"He taught me how to have a really good time on set. He's been doing this for so long, he's the architect of his own life in the most beautiful way. He brings in people he loves and he's loyal to all his crew members. His consistency and familiarity is so incredible and there's a safety that comes with that," Aniston said in an interview.

The Spitz couple has been successful on screen and there's enough potential room for a third installment. "We don't know what would happen between this one and that one. So anything could happen. We're going to find out because right now it's a mystery to us," Aniston told ScreenRant. However, there has not been any confirmation regarding Murder Mystery 3 but Netflix might want to continue the comic detective saga after the success of the previous movies.

Murder Mystery movies are available on Netflix to stream.

Source: Nicki Swift.

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