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The Tragic Event That Led John Stamos To Meet Julia Roberts

We'll admit that John Stamos, better known as "Uncle Jesse" on the '90s classic "Full House," and "Pretty Woman" icon Julia Roberts live in two totally separate worlds in our brains. But in reality, they're both Hollywood celebs who have been around for a while. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that they've interacted before (but it still blows our minds just a little). However, the way the two actors met is a surprise.

Stamos got quite the shock when Roberts appeared from the shadows while he was visiting an ailing friend who was close to them both. Speaking to "The Jess Cagle Show" on SiriusXM, Stamos recalled the time when he was visiting acclaimed Hollywood industry great Garry Marshall in the hospital. The 80-something-year-old director was in his final days, and Stamos had gone to say his goodbyes to the man he referred to as a mentor.

As he approached Marshall in the dark and dimly lit room to pay his respects, "Out of the shadow, in the corner, out of the shadow comes Julia Roberts. And she goes, 'Oh, hi John, I'm Julia Roberts.' I'm like, 'Yeah, I know who you are,'" Stamos explained. Roberts may have given him a screen-worthy jumpscare, but it was worth it. He conceded, "Garry, he made it come true. I finally met her."

How were Stamos, Roberts, and Marshall connected?

Garry Marshall has an unbelievable Hollywood history as a screenwriter, producer, actor, and director dating back to the 1960s. He is known for writing for "The Dick Van Dyke Show," writing and producing "Happy Days," and, of course, directing a slew of iconic romantic comedies.

Roberts starred in the film "Pretty Woman," where she met Marshall, a role which is largely responsible for launching her career as "America's sweetheart." The pair then went on to make a movie together every decade like clockwork, but Marshall and Roberts's bond was unbreakable since that first film. Upon his death, she explained, "To know Garry Marshall was to love him. And I was luckier than most to have loved him for my entire adult life and luckier still to have been loved by him because his love was unconditional, inexhaustible and magical" (via E! News).

Stamos was equally saddened by Marshall's passing, penning a letter for The Hollywood Reporter, saying, "He could make people smile without even saying a word. Just the sight of him made you happy. I realized some time ago I could never repay him for all he did for me. I know there weren't more of him because no else could be that full of love. He was that magical." He also wrote that his longtime mentor had recommended him for his role on "Ful House" and helped him coin the catchphrase "Have mercy!" It's unclear how the two first met, but it's evident Marshall was very dear to Stamos.

Did Stamos and Roberts ever connect again?

Today, John Stamos and Julia Roberts seem to operate in entirely different circles. She's more acquainted with the big screen, while Stamos tends to stick to television shows. But they did come together one more time after their impromptu hospital room meeting — and they again have Gary Marshall to thank for it.

While the actors may not have interacted directly, they and a huge cast of other icons came together to make "The Happy Days of Garry Marshall" on ABC. The television event was a touching tribute to the man who left such a profound mark on Hollywood. It united more than just Roberts and Stamos, inviting celebs such as Anne Hathaway, Henry Winkler, and even Roberts "Pretty Woman" co-star Richard Gere to take part as well. The result was a tearful final goodbye to a Hollywood legend. 

We're not confident we'll ever see Stamos and Roberts appear together in a bonafide blockbuster film, but at least Marshall fulfilled a dream come true for Stamos, a "General Hospital" alum, as the late director had once told him, "You and Julia would get along so well, I've got to introduce you to her." Though it didn't occur in the typical fashion, in his final days, Marshall and his magic made it happen.

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