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The Real Reason Steven Spielberg Refuses To Work With Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts allegedly had difficult behavior on the set of Hook, leading the crew to call her "Tinkerhell." The rumored personal problems she was going through may have contributed to this behavior. Despite the alleged tensions, director Steven Spielberg showed understanding towards Roberts, stating that she was going through a difficult period in her life during the making of the film. Spielberg has also had alleged difficulties with other A-list talent, including Tom Cruise during the production of War of the Worlds. Despite this, they have had success together and a potential reunion could yield box office success.

Working on set can be tough for anyone involved with a major production, and sometimes, it can lead to friction. There was alleged tension on set of Bride Wars, numerous problems on Kevin Costner flicks, and even some difficulties on an infamous Jim Carrey project.

During the 1990s, Julia Roberts and Steven Spielberg came together to help bring Hook to life. On paper, this seemed like a match made in heaven. Allegedly, there was friction between the pair, and it's rumored that Spielberg has no desire to work with Roberts again.

Let's take a look at the movie, and see what allegedly took place while making a beloved childhood classic.

Steven Spielberg And Julia Roberts Made Hook Together

In 1991, the iconic filmmaker Steven Spielberg waved his directorial wand and conjured up a magical cinematic masterpiece called Hook.

Starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and Julia Roberts, Hook was a modern and unique take on the classic Peter Pan tale. The late, great Robin Williams portrayed an adult Peter Banning/Peter Pan, infusing the role with his signature blend of humor and heart. Equally brilliant were Dustin Hoffman as the villainous Captain Hook, and Julia Roberts as the mischievous Tinker Bell.

Upon its release, Hook took flight at the box office, soaring high above the clouds of success. According to Box Office Mojo, the film managed to hook an astonishing $300.9 million worldwide, an impressive feat at the time.

Despite its success at the box office, Hook was not exactly a smash with critics. Many professionals had problems with Spielberg's take, but despite this, families and audiences thoroughly enjoyed the film, and they kept the magic alive by passing it down as time went on.

With the advent of streaming platforms, a new generation of viewers has discovered the wonder of Hook. This has further contributed to the film's lasting legacy.

Now, Steven Spielberg and Julia Roberts are two of the biggest names in entertainment history, but it's been rumored that some tensions on set have kept the duo away from one another after all these years.

Julia Roberts Was Difficult, And Spielberg Has Not Worked With Her Since

For years now, Julia Roberts' behavior on set has been the stuff of infamy.

According to CheatSheet, "Apparently, Roberts's behavior was so bad on the set of Hook that the crew called her 'Tinkerhell.' There may have been a reason for her bad behavior. Sutherland, who she met on the set of Flatliners was allegedly cheating on her with an exotic dancer.

"The two broke up just days before their wedding, and Roberts never gave herself a break. She jumped right onto the set of Hook, and the crew may have suffered because of that."

That is a lot of personal baggage to bring to set each day, which must have made things exceptionally difficult for the actress.

The site does state, however, that Spielberg has shown some understanding.

"Julia probably went through the most trying times of her life, and it was simply bad timing for all of us that she happened to start on Hook at that low point," the filmmaker said.

Rufio actor, Dante Basco, did have nice things to say about Roberts, per the site.

"I remember meeting her in the trailer for the first time and being like, 'Oh my god'. But you know, she was always sweet to me," the actor said.

Spielberg and Roberts might have had some friction on set, but this isn't the only time that the acclaimed filmmaker had difficulties with A-list talent.

Steven Spielberg Also Had Alleged Issues With Tom Cruise

While working on War of the Worlds, which was a massive box office hit, it's been alleged that Cruise and Spielberg had a tough time working together. There was also Cruise's couch-jumping video, which Spielberg felt hindered the film's box office performance.

"After working together on War of the Worlds back in 2005, Spielberg was reportedly unhappy about Cruise's infamous couch-jumping on an episode of Oprah while he gushed about his then-romance with Katie Holmes.

"He reportedly believed that the way Tom acted cost War of the Worlds $30m in box office takings, but the movie was still a huge success that made over $600m," Outlook India writes.

The pair, however, seemed to be on good terms, as the same article points out. Now, will they ever work together again? No one knows for sure, but these two titans of cinema know how to make a fortune together, and a reunion between the pair could make a box office bounty in the future.

Spielberg and Roberts had a tough time making Hook together, but regardless of that fact, they helped churn out a classic.

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