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Rihanna And Jim Parsons May Not Be Friends Anymore After Doing Press Together


Rihanna and Jim Parsons formed a friendship while working on the film "Home," but it's unclear if they are still close today.Jim Parsons admitted to annoying Rihanna during press tours, but they seemed to have a good rapport while promoting the film.Despite their busy careers, it's unlikely that Rihanna and Jim have maintained constant contact, but their friendship likely faded due to different career paths rather than a falling out.

and might be two of the last people fans would expect to have lumped together, but it happened. The unlikely partnership was due to a film project, and an animated one at that.

While the film they were in together never really took off, the friendship between Jim Parsons and Rihanna became a thing of beauty for fans.

Over time, though, it wasn't clear whether the two remained friends, or if they may have had a falling out.

Rihanna And Jim Parsons Worked Together On 'Home'

In 2015, a small film called came out to fairly little acclaim. The quirky film might have had a committed audience in the younger set, but the people who truly appreciated the talent behind the animated characters may not have ever heard of the movie.

Despite its superstar cast—which included , Steve Martin, Jim Parsons, and Rihanna—the film didn't do too well.

On IMDb, the movie , even though the soundtrack included hits from Rihanna Jennifer. Those two at some point, and apparently never formed a close friendship.

The movie was also largely overlooked even though Jim Parsons and Rihanna did press tours for the film. Years later, not many people remember the film (except perhaps those with kids who were the appropriate audience when it was released), but it did do one important thing before fading into oblivion: it brought Jim Parsons and Rihanna together.

The unexpected duo appeared to have spent a lot of time together, given both parties' later comments about one another after the film wrapped. They even seemed to be good friends at that point.

But after spending so much time together, the two might not have been on the best terms.

Jim Parsons Admitted He 'Annoyed' Rihanna

During their time promoting , Rihanna and Jim Parsons had to spend a lot of time together. In one interview, during their on-set and press junket moments.

He confessed that being around Rihanna simply inspired him musically, and he would randomly break out in song—specifically,


Jim also admitted that he loved working with Rihanna because, among other things, she smelled amazing—like "heaven." Rihanna didn't exactly gush about Jim the same way, but the two definitely seemed to vibe while doing press for .

In one interview, the two and, as a result, learned a lot about each other. This was after they had filmed the movie, although it's not clear if they actually recorded their parts together in the studio, or if they worked separately part or all of the time.

As for how Rihanna felt about Jim, it's a bit less clear. While Parsons gushed over his co-star, Rihanna didn't have as much to say.

At one point, she even threw some shade at Jim, but it may have been a joke.

Known for being the queen of mean (she's called herself "petty AF"), of being in Jim's "shadow," stating "I am the superstar."

Knowing how Rihanna speaks, that could be a joke, or it could be a well-placed barb. Either way, it might not have ruined the pair's apparent friendship.

Are Jim Parsons And Rihanna Friends Today?

After premiered, and the press interest settled down, it's likely that Rihanna and Jim Parsons didn't spend too much time together anymore.

After the movie came out, Parsons went on to work on and various other projects, from films to TV sitcoms.

Rihanna went on tour the following year (she also came off tour with Eminem right before ) as she was releasing new (with 2016 marking her most recently released album, as of September 2023).

She also appeared in various TV and film projects, including a couple of years later. Because the two were both so busy with their respective careers, it doesn't seem as if they've crossed paths again since then.

It's entirely possible that Rihanna and Jim have maintained contact over the years, but it doesn't seem likely.

Rihanna posted one selfie of the two during their era, and doesn't seem to have posted anything about (or with) Jim since.

The two also don't seem to have been photographed together since their press tours.

However, even if the two drifted apart, it likely had more to do with their careers being vastly different versus their having a falling out. While Rihanna has been known to hold grudges, Jim Parsons is like the teddy bear of Hollywood, and it's hard to imagine he could have wronged Riri in such a way that their friendship crumbled.

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