Brian Posehn Made His Feelings Clear On The Potential Of Being Involved In A Big Bang Theory Reboot

Brian Posehn has made his feelings clear on the potential of being involved in a Big Bang Theory reboot, and is it possible he's interested? Although he wasn't a member of the show's main cast, Posehn was a fan-favorite and recurring guest-star on the incredibly successful sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The show featured several celebrity guest stars, including Christine Baranski, Adam West and Regina King.

Several popular shows have been rebooted, remade and continued with successful (or failed) spinoffs. After Young Sheldon's success, show creators have recently announced another Big Bang Theory spinoff.

But would the whole cast, including core members like Jim Parsons who've done other projects, be interested in reuniting? One recurring guest-star, Brian Posehn, made his feelings clear about a Big Bang Theory reboot.

Brian Posehn Was Nervous When He First Started On The Show

The Big Bang Theory is a hit show that ran for twelve seasons. Members of the main cast, recurring and guest stars and more have spoken about their time on the show. This has given fans an inside look into what it was like working on the hit series from multiple perspectives.

Before appearing on The Big Bang Theory, Brian Posehn was already working in Hollywood. One of several multitalented celebrities, the writer/actor/comic appeared on other shows including Seinfeld and The Sarah Silverman Program.

While Posehn didn't appear in nearly as many episodes as the main cast, he still made a big impression on viewers, and was popular with the show's fans. While visiting one of his former Big Bang Theory co-stars, Mayim Bialik, on her show the Breakdown, the two discussed the series, Dungeons and Dragons (both love the game), and his shyness.

Brian Posehn played Bert Kibbler, a geologist on the show, and initially seemed to keep to himself when he first started working on Big Bang Theory.

He explained, "When I first got to Big Bang, the whole thing was like 'fly under the radar', you know? Like, be funny, be on time... Give 100 percent."

The comedian continued, "When you're a guest on a show that's already established... You know I'd had some weird experiences. I'd had some shows where not everybody was cool. And everybody was at your show."

Posehn added, "It took me a while to come out of my shell. That's been a big thing for me, my whole life is, do I feel comfortable around people enough to start to make jokes?"

"But once I realized I was kind of in the family, is when I got more comfortable there, when I kept coming back.

Maybe the sixth or eighth episode I started to go, 'Okay, well, they don't hate me here', you know what I mean?" He said laughing.

Brian Posehn Is Very Open To A Big Bang Theory Reboot

Posehn had a good relationship with the rest of the cast, and it seems everybody wanted things to run smoothly while they were filming The Big Bang Theory. Several stars who appeared on the show have spoken about working with the main cast.

According to Looper, during an interview with the Cornwall Seeker, Posehn revealed he would happily to play Bert Kibbler again, if given a chance in a reboot.

The comedian also expressed how much he loved working on the show. "If it's two years from now, 20 years from now, I had a blast."

He also mentioned the show was disliked by some, but not him. "Not everybody loves sitcoms, and even in particular, that sitcom. I did. I had a great experience doing The Big Bang Theory."

"I love that style of comedy. I love a lot of different types of comedy, but the sitcom format is so classic. I feel like it can still be funny. I enjoyed that show. I would do that show, or shows like it again."

The Show's Creators Have Also Talked About Rebooting 'The Big Bang Theory'

Reportedly, there have been talks of another possible spinoff show for The Big Bang Theory (likely due to the success of Young Sheldon), but the details aren't being shared. Big Bang Theory Co-creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady have also discussed rebooting the original show.

As much as the show's creators seem interested in a reboot, there's a problem with reviving it. One of the series co-creators, Bill Prady, told Entertainment Weekly that he didn't know how to introduce that storyline.

However, Prady is still excited about the idea of a reboot.

"Would I like to stand on a stage someplace and watch those characters again? Yes, absolutely. Can I imagine a way to do it? I can't. But, personally, would I like to go to Stage 25 and see that set and those costumes and those people?"

"Yeah, I get choked up just thinking about it. But I don't know how we'd do that."

Prady said, "It's hard to imagine what you would see after the finale because I found the finale was just one of the most beautiful and satisfying episodes. The closure it brought was astonishing. It's hard to re-imagine opening the story."

Big Bang Theory co-creator, Chuck Lorre, also felt the show had concluded. "I don't think we left anything undone. That was as close to a perfect finale as we could have ever dreamt of doing. I loved it."

The show's creators feel they got the perfect ending, but it seems they're open to bringing back the characters in a natural and realistic way.

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