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TikToker Shares Heartwarming Throwback Story About Julia Roberts From 'Runaway Bride' Set

Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

TikToker Shares Heartwarming Throwback Story About Julia Roberts From 'Runaway Bride' Set

This might be the sweetest celebrity encounter story ever.


APR 1, 2023

Apparently  Julia Roberts is just as sweet in real life as people say she is. 

The 55-year-old actress has long been beloved for her notable Hollywood career, but one internet user says her charm still shows even when the cameras aren't rolling. 

A TikTok creator by the name  Sydney "Syd" Elizabeth, recently uploaded a "storytime" video to explain an interaction they had with Roberts when they were only a baby—and the story will make your heart melt.


In the now-viral video, Syd says that both of their parents worked behind the scenes in the film industry and met on a movie set before having their child shortly after. 

"After I was born, my mom decided that she was going to retire from the movie industry," Syd explained, adding, "My dad would continue to be a cameraman." Their dad ended up landing a job on the 1999 film Runaway Bride, which famously starred Roberts. 

Since their father had a family and a newborn child, the movie producers allowed him to bring Syd and his wife along to Boston, where they were filming, and put them up in a hotel while the movie was in production.


"Every single day my mom would come on to set during lunch break and her and my dad would have lunch together," the TikToker recalled. "At some point during filming of Runaway Bride, my parents were sitting having lunch with me and Julia Roberts came up." 

After Roberts reportedly fawned over the baby and asked to hold them, she then asked Syd's parents if they wanted to have lunch by themselves, insisting she would take care of their infant. 

"So Julia just took me, took my diaper bag and just left," Syd claimed. "And from that day on, every single day, my mom would come to set, she would meet up with my dad, they would hand me to Julia, Julia would leave with me, and my parents would have lunch while Julia Roberts took care of me, changed my diaper, fed me, did whatever needed to be done while my parents were doing their thing.

They went on to talk about the Runaway Bridewrap party, where Roberts was photographed holding Syd as a baby—and they even included the precious photo as proof in the video.

"I've always wondered if she would remember me," Syd stated, noting that their parents believe the actress would remember since she is "very sweet." 

The video, which was titled, "Julia Roberts changed my diaper," garnered over 300k views on TikTok, and fans in the comments are hoping the Oscar-winner might see the clip. 

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