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Confirmed: TBBT’s Sheldon Cooper Is One Hell of a Liar, and Here Is Why

Sheldon Cooper really wanted to take us all for a big fat ride, but his prequel origin story wouldn't let him.

In The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons' Sheldon Cooper is a level of petty that most people can only dream of. When he was a child, he started a mortal enemies list, and he has kept it all throughout his adulthood. That's right, Sheldon was 39 years old in season 12 and was supposedly still keeping count of his so-called enemies.

Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady's The Big Bang Theory establishes right from the start that Billy Sparks has been taking one of the top spots since the list's creation in the 1980s.

Why though?

That's a very good question. Billy earned his spot a long time ago for several bad deeds – he reportedly stuck a coin up Sheldon's nose, used a chicken as a terror-inducing device against the poor guy, and even put dog poop on Sheldon's bike as an ornamental piece. All of these seem like pretty legit reasons to get on someone's bad side and end up on their enemies list, right?

And yet, none of this seems to have actually happened in real life. Young Sheldon has literally proved how much of a stinking liar Sheldon is! In the prequel series, Billy, portrayed by Wyatt McClure, is such a sweetheart that it is more believable that Iain Armitage's Sheldon bullied him than the other way around.

Young Billy struggles in school, does not have many friends (apart from the Coopers), and just wants to be accepted by his community. He wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone the neighborhood's toxic know-it-all that is Sheldon Cooper!

Young Sheldon's pilot episode has certainly attempted to play into Sheldon's delusions by showing the audience a tougher version of Billy, who scares Sheldon with a chicken and calls him "a dufus." Is it bullying? Not really. Is it appropriate behavior? Kind of, considering how much of a pain in the neck Sheldon is.

We digress. Ever since the pilot episode, Billy has been nothing but a good neighbor, a supportive friend, and an all-around kind-hearted fella who is a pleasure to be around. Fans love Billy Sparks and consider him one of the most underrated characters on the show.

Say it with us: Billy deserves justice, and Sheldon needs to be held accountable for his words and actions.

Do you like Billy Sparks?

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