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Young Sheldon Season 6 Reverses Georgie & Missy’s Big Bang Theory Stories

Surprisingly, Young Sheldon season 6 reverses Missy and Georgie's stories in The Big Bang Theory. As the CBS comedy tackles the Cooper clan's collective and individual stories, everyone from the clan gets their respective storylines. For Georgie, that's his slow-burning romance with Mandy, which is made more special by the birth of their daughter, Baby Ceecee. Meanwhile, Young Sheldon finally gives Missy her due with her own substantial narrative as the only Cooper daughter calls out her parents for always sidelining her. The narrative sees her sneaking out at night to drink and even attempting to run away from home with George's truck.

Young Sheldon's diversified storytelling makes it more enticing to viewers beyond those who watched The Big Bang Theory. While CBS has made a conscious effort to expand the show's storylines, the prequel still needs to maintain Sheldon's place as its titular character. Throughout Young Sheldon season 6, he has encountered his own arcs, although they aren't nearly as compelling as everything else that's happening in the show. Since both Georgie and Missy appeared in the nerd-centric sitcom, albeit only very few times, their stories in Young Sheldon also serve as part of their own origin stories, including a peak at their childhood dynamic with Sheldon.

Why Georgie Is Mad At Sheldon In Big Bang Theory

Unlike Mary and Missy who appeared early on in The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon's only brother didn't visit Pasadena until season 11. After years of conflict, Georgie and Sheldon patched things up just in time for the latter's wedding to Amy. Despite older the eldest Cooper kids' brief participation in the nerd-centric sitcom, CBS revealed more than enough information about him to get an idea of what his life had been like in the last decade. While he eventually became successful, it wasn't exactly an easy road for him. He grew resentful over the years after George's death, especially towards Sheldon.

Since the socially-inept genius had already moved out of Texas to start his post-graduate studies at Caltech, he was oblivious to his brother's struggles. According to Georgie during his The Big Bang Theory rant, after George unexpectedly died, he started running the household because Mary was too grief-stricken to function. Meanwhile, Missy was wasting her life away as a "dumb teenager." Georgie's long-gestating grudge against Sheldon wasn't because he was saddled with the responsibility of taking care of their mom and sister while the socially-inept genius was able to live his life. Instead, it stemmed from Sheldon's ungratefulness towards Georgie and all his sacrifices.

Missy Should Be The One Mad At Sheldon In TBBT, Not Georgie

CBS debuted Missy early on in The Big Bang Theory, being the only second Cooper family member who appeared in the nerd-centric sitcom. Unlike Georgie who had to be convinced to travel to Pasadena for Sheldon and Amy's wedding, Missy decided to pay his twin a visit just because she wanted to see how he was doing. The only Cooper daughter was a massive revelation as she was nothing like her brother. While she wasn't intellectually gifted, she was smart and most importantly, sociable. The rest of the Pasadena gang immediately loved her, and although Sheldon didn't seem to like her around, Missy looked genuinely happy spending time with him.

Young Sheldon recontextualizes Missy's debut in The Big Bang Theory, however, making it more of a tragedy than a happy reunion. The Young Sheldon season 6 finale reveals how growing up with Sheldon has taken a toll on Missy, especially after her parents continuously cast her aside to focus on her brother. Her grudge against Sheldon boils over after he catches her sneaking out at night and babbles about it. Despite being in the wrong and her brother only being concerned, Missy gets furious at the boy genius. She refuses to make amends despite his apology and knowing full well that he will be gone throughout the summer.

When Does Missy Forgive Sheldon

During the early years of Young Sheldon, Georgie developed a bubbling resentment towards his brother. Having to attend the same classes, he was often compared to him, and it didn't help to build confidence that he almost always felt that he was the stupid brother. Much has happened to Young Sheldon since then. Georgie is no longer in school and Sheldon has moved on from Medford High School. There's barely any interaction between the brothers, which means that there's not much opportunity for them to have any conflict. Things are different with Missy, however. Despite having separate bedrooms, the twins still encounter each other regularly at home, hence their issues.

Luckily, despite their current problem, The Big Bang Theory confirms that Sheldon and Missy would eventually patch things up with each other. Since Young Sheldon season 6 finale shows Missy finally becoming remorseful of her actions, it's possible that when her twin returns from his trip, she will finally forgive him for tattling her out. For what it's worth, it's difficult to imagine that Young Sheldon will spend the rest of season 7 with the Cooper siblings at war with each other. If anything, it will only isolate Sheldon from the rest of the family. This means that Young Sheldon will lose on one of the show's most fun dynamics.

How Missy & Georgie's Stories Can Continue Long After Sheldon Is Gone

Young Sheldon diversifying its storytelling may seem counterintuitive as it means decreasing the focus on Sheldon. That being said, it may be the best thing it has done to guarantee the future of the show. Sheldon may be the titular character of Young Sheldon, but fans have already seen a lot of him in The Big Bang Theory. As interesting as he is as a character, some of the novelty of his quirks has definitely worn off. Between that and many of his stories being beholden to established The Big Bang Theory canon, Young Sheldon has limited options when moving his story forward in a fresh and creative manner.

So when Sheldon finally moves to Pasadena to attend Caltech for his post-graduate studies, CBS can spin Young Sheldon into more of an ensemble show. The character's nearing college graduation seems to be the organic end of the prequel, considering that it means that the rest of his story will take place outside of Texas. However, the network can opt to shift the focus of its storytelling to Georgie and Missy who will both remain in Medford. In any case, Young Sheldon has already endeared both Cooper children to the viewers enough for them to be totally invested in their arcs.

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