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“A paper on quantum physics”: Matthew Perry Got Help from Professional Writers to Woo Julia Roberts Only to Break Her Heart in the Most Brutal Way Possible

Friends is one series that has been entertaining youths and adults for generations. With its hilarious jokes and comic characters like Matthew Perry’s Chandler. The character, to this day, is still one of the most liked roles of all time. But did you know that it was not just on camera that Perry and Julia Roberts came together?

The Pretty Woman actor was actually dating the 17 Again actor when she did a cameo on the TV show before he brutally broke her heart. It was during the episode of 1996 when Perry and

Money Monster actor starred together right after the Super Bowl

How did Matthew Perry convince Julia Roberts for an episode? 

It was the episode right after the big and the team behind Friends was put under too much pressure. Hence they came up with the idea to bring a guest on the set of the famous sitcom. The Ocean’s Eleven actress was the talk of the town as she had already starred in movies like The Pelican Brief , Steel Magnolias, and Sleeping with the Enemy

Friends co-creator, David Crane said (via),  

“We came up with stories we thought were funny and put it out to our casting to find the best people.

But for this episode, we couldn’t just go with a really good actor. We needed names.”

Names like ! So to bring her to the post-Super Bowl episode in season 2 of Friends , Perry sent the Notting Hill actor at least three dozen flowers. In response, Roberts sent back a lot of bagels with a reply that read,

“Write me a paper on quantum physics, and I’ll do it.”

said Kevin S. Bright producer of . As per his knowledge, even faxed The Pelican Brief actor his study after which she was convinced for the show. Perry actually involved professionals in making his study report for the Runaway Bride actor.

Matthew Perry shattered Julia Robert’s heart

After the episode, Perry and Roberts were still together and dating for a while. Everything was perfect for both of them, but then came a night when Perry had to use the most heartbreaking words. 

As per the words of the Fools Rush In actor, during an interview with

“We were driving in a car and being chased by paparazzi and I said, ‘I want to break up with you.’ “

He also mentioned he did that,

“Because I think she fancied herself slumming it with TV Boy. And then TV Boy just broke up with her. And you know that the reason I did that was purely out of fear. I needed to get out.”

As per the actor, Roberts was upset and couldn’t believe it at first. The only reason for their breakup was Matthew Perry’s fear. To this day, both the actors have not crossed each other’s path and Roberts had no idea that the actor would be mentioning her in his memoir ,

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