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Fans Can't Get Over How Young Jim Parsons Looks Post Big Bang Theory During His Interview With 'Them'

completely changed his career thanks to . The actor was able to rise up with a , and he remains active today, though it remains to be seem of he'll ever return to television.

For the time being, fans are loving Parsons' candid interviews. One of his recent interviews took place alongside and all fans could talk about is how ageless the actor looks today.

We'll take a closer look at the interview, while also discussing how Parsons' career took off later, but how that benefited the actor in the long run.

We'll also reveal how he remains ageless, and his strength in the gym is a big factor.

Jim Parsons Is Thankful He Turned Out To Be A Late Bloomer

When took off, Jim Parsons was in his mid-30s. The actor is 50 nowadays, and fans tend to forget that and rise to fame. In 2017, the actor became the highest-paid star in all of Hollywood for television projects, accomplishing the feat in his 40s.

Speaking with , Parsons revealed he's content with the way his career shaped out, claiming that if fame and success took place earlier in his life, he may not have been able to handle it.

"I wouldn't have been able to handle [fame, if it happened earlier].

I was a late bloomer in some ways. Not that I was ever irresponsible... I wasn't a tragic case, but I wouldn't have known how to compute all this kind of stuff at all. Even just being on set in that pressured environment, or I would have made it very pressured for myself."

He continues, "I know I would have. I wouldn't know what to do, never mind any public recognition. Dear God. The amount of things I know I got to do in life that no one cared about ... Normal doesn't always matter anymore, it seems to me. Things get taken out of context. One old image and suddenly you find you're explaining the whole reason you're allowed to walk the earth.


It all worked out for the best and post , it seems like Jim Parsons continues to be in a good place.

Jim Parsons Had Fans Talking For All The Right Reasons Following His Interview With "Them"

It was a special interview for Jim Parsons alongside on . The actor discussed his career from the very beginning, and all the ups and downs that would take place along the way.

As expected, Parsons left the fans with a great impression. People were praising how little the actor has aged since came to an end. The video can be seen below posed by the channel on

The top comments on the interview include, "How is this man 50 years old? Time has been very kind to Jim Parsons."

"He's got such a beautiful way of speaking, even when it's a difficult issue he handles it so eloquently.

He's a wonderful person and actor. Love to Jim <3."

"Jim is so contemplative, and articulate. He almost seems to be somber or bearing a sadness that sticks with him. He’s dedicated so much of his life to make us all happier. I have such an incredible respect for him. I’m grateful for everything he’s done."

Clearly, Parsons professionalism, ageless look and how well he's able to articulate his thoughts had fans very impressed.

Jim Parsons Went Viral A Few Years Go For His Impressive Fitness Routine

Don't be fooled by Parsons' lean looking shape. The actor has some serious strength.

There isn't much out there in terms of his fitness and dietary routines. However, he does have a positive work ethic in the gym, which

The actor reveals with , “I don’t really do much very good in the gym. But for some reason I have this workman like aspect of me, I suppose, that can push heavy weight. That’s not that heavy for everybody, but for me, that’s very heavy.”

In terms of the other positives throughout his career, Parsons also credits having a stable relationship during his rise to fame on . According to the actor, seeing Kaley Cuoco and her dating life, he realized how difficult things could have been.

"If there's two things I'm grateful for it's, number one, that kind of success hitting later in life for me because I'd been through a lot of other things already. The other huge one, and probably the biggest one, is to have already fallen in love and already have a partner in this going forward."

He continues, "For many years, I worked with Kaley Cuoco who was 20 when we shot the pilot. She's happy and successful and married to a great guy. But watching her as a young woman and dating people without even knowing what was going on with her, I thought, 'That's gotta be really hard.' I think that would've been hard for me too."

Jim Parsons and producer Todd Spiewak tied the knot in 2017.

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