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Adorable 11-Year-Old Big Bang Theory Image Will Make You Nostalgic For Young Sheldon & Amy

Summary Viewers reminisce about young Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory after an adorable behind-the-scenes photo resurfaces. Mayim Bialik shares an 11-year-old snapshot on Instagram, sparking nostalgic feelings among followers. The image posted by Bialik reminds viewers of the beloved characters and their early days on the popular show.

An 11-year-old The Big Bang Theory behind-the-scene image is making viewers miss young Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Amy (Mayim Bialik). It has been four years since the hit nerd-centric sitcom ended, but it continues to be popular thanks to reruns on cable and availability on streaming platforms.

Aside from that, The Big Bang Theory franchise also lives on via its spin-off Young Sheldon, which has both featured adult versions of Sheldon and Amy via voice-over.

The photo was shared by Bialik on her official Instagram account. Check out the adorable snap below:

In the image, Bialik and Parsons appear to be doing some ADR work. In the caption, the actor revealed that the photo was taken 11 years ago. Otherwise, it could also be a rehearsal for the pair's Fun with Flags bit.

Why Big Bang Theory Season 6 Is Pivotal For Amy & Sheldon

Per the timeline provided by Bialik, the snap was likely during the production of The Big Bang Theory season 6, which aired in 2012 — 11 years ago. For context, network shows start work a couple of months before their new seasons premiere to get ahead of their brutal schedule. This way, they have at least several episodes in the bag and aren't always running out of time week after week. It also allows them to take a couple of weeks off during winter.

The Big Bang Theory season 6 is a pivotal time for Sheldon and Amy's romance. As the pair enters their fourth season as a couple, the sitcom makes some big strides in their relationship.

That includes the infamous Amy sick episode, where Sheldon takes care of her. It's both hilarious and touching, especially since it highlights Sheldon's willingness to cater to his girlfriend's needs despite not being a natural caretaker. It's also the beginning of Amy becoming more assertive in their relationship, which includes floating the idea of them moving in together.

Currently, the chances of seeing Parsons and Bialik reprise Sheldon and Amy on the screen for a The Big Bang Theory revival are very slim to none. Nevertheless, CBS can easily stage a reunion for the actors via Young Sheldon. While both have been involved in the show through its narration, perhaps the network can finally show them as part of the prequel's series finale.

Source: Mayim Bialik/Instagram

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