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"It is awkward. There is nothing sexy": Jennifer Aniston's Co-Star Wanted A 'B-tt Double' After She Made Him Feel Embarrassed About Their S*x Scene

Jennifer Aniston is a phenomenal actress who has done multi-genre projects in her storied career. However, films are usually super hard to make and involve intricate scenes that require actors to step out of their comfort zones. In the 2004 American romantic comedy flick Along Came Polly, Aniston co-starred with actor Ben Stiller to deliver a memorable performance. 

In a candid interview, the Murder Mystery movie star once revealed that she had super fun working with her co-star, and when asked about the intimate sequence she filmed with Stiller in the film, she made some intriguing remarks.

The actress claimed she didn't find those scenes particularly sexy.

On the contrary, the California native said the sequence was nerve-wracking and awkward. Nevertheless, she admitted she had fun on the set. Her co-star, Ben Stiller, also echoed Aniston's sentiments in the discussion and revealed that he wished he had a b-tt double in the movie.

Jennifer Aniston Left Her Co-Star Ben Stiller Embarrassed

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most graceful and mesmeric actresses in Hollywood. She has worked super hard to establish herself as a leading star in the entertainment industry. Aniston is an enchanting artist who has delivered show-stopping performances throughout her legendary career and has captivated the audience with her incredible acting chops.


The 54-year-old star has earned numerous armloads of critically acclaimed accolades and collaborated with some of the finest talents in the industry, including Ben Stiller. The actress co-starred with Stiller in the 2004 American romantic comedy flick Along Came Polly, in which she played the role of Polly Prince, while the actor portrayed the role of Reuben Feffer. 

In an interview, The Morning Show star once revealed her experience filming intimate scenes with her co-star in the movie and claimed that those scenes were not at all sexy. When asked about the romantic scenes she filmed in the movie, the Just Go With It movie star shared, 

"It is nerve-wracking. There is just no way around it. It is awkward. There is nothing sexy. But we had fun. We were really proud of ourselves at the end of that day that we made it through somewhat."

Ben Stiller added,

"It's just a weird experience. I think this scene in particular, it is a comedic scene, so it makes it easier. But I have been involved with scenes that aren't like that, and it is a whole other sort of vibe going on."

The Greenberg film star was further asked if he had a b-tt double in the movie, to which the actor replied,

"I wish I had. I wish I had."

Jennifer Aniston's statement may have embarrassed her co-star Ben Stiller, who also opened up about his ordeal in the interview and stated that those romantic sequences with the actress were uncomfortable to film.

Jennifer Aniston Shares What Inspired Her To Play The Role

Jennifer Aniston revealed that playing Polly Prince in her 2004 film Along Came Polly was a bit difficult, as while filming the movie, she was also working on the beloved television sitcom FRIENDS, in which she played Rachel Green. Aniston shared: 

"Oddly enough, it was trying to create a character. There's always that thought in the back of my mind: This can't be Rachel. This can't be Rachel! But this came easily. I based her on a girlfriend of mine, actually. So I pretty much-made fun of my girlfriend. She's adorable – I just imitated her. She didn't mind. She loved it."

Movie stars often reveal embarrassing details when they sit down for interviews. The same happened with Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller. Nevertheless, Aniston and Stiller are both incredibly talented actors and delivered mind-blowing performances in the film.

Source: EW

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