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"It was really scary": Sandra Bullock Could've Dodged A Bullet By Refusing Her Oscar-Winning Role In $309M Movie That Nearly Went To Julia Roberts Amid Michael Oher Controversy

Sandra Bullock is among the most celebrated actresses of all time. The actress, who recently lost her longtime partner, Bryan Randall, has always found her midst of controversies. As she battles through these hard and challenging times, it seems her past and a new controversy have caught her up again.

The brilliant actress starred in the Oscar-nominated $309 million movie, The Blind Side. Based on the real-life story of the celebrated NFL player Michael Oher, she even won an Oscar for her performance. However, as per recent reports, Oher has revealed it was all a lie, making Bullock once again end up in a middle of a huge controversy.

Sandra Bullock And The Michael Oher Controversy

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Sandra Bullock beautifully portrayed the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, Micheal Oher's 'adoptive' mother in the Oscar-nominated movie The Blind Side. Starring as the fearless Tuohy she was an integral part in combatting white privilege in the famous NFL star's story. However, as per recent revelations, it has been found that Michael Oher was never actually adopted but rather kept in a dark and unfair conservatorship situation by the Tuohy family.

The now-retired football player revealed in a lawsuit filed by him against his 'adoptive' family that he was also made to unknowingly sign away a conservatorship document that helped the Tuohy family and their two children gain millions from his achievements. Oher also revealed that he was kept in the dark about this secret until he found it out in February of this year.

Furthermore, Oher was also robbed of the financial gains from Sandra Bullock starrer film The Blind Side. His lawsuit also mentions how the movie was a gross representation of him and changed facts to show the Tuohys in a better light, a claim that he has made multiple times over the years.

Michael Oher's lawsuit comes at the same time as Sandra Bullock battles grief and losing her longtime husband to ASL. One can't help but think that this could have easily been dodged had she remained firm on her decision to not star in the movie.

Sandra Bullock Never Wanted To Do The Blind Side

Now as she battles simultaneously battles her partner's passing and the shocking revelation of Michael Oher's true story, one wonders how good it would have been had Sandra Bullock never starred in The Blind Side. Originally offered to Julia Roberts, Bullock ended up starring and doing an Oscar-winning performance in the movie, despite being scared to do it. In an interview The Proposal actress stated,

"It was really scary. That's why I just kept saying, 'No'. Leigh Anne will beat anyone in their energy, any day, in her sleep. When I first met her, I was thoroughly exhausted by the time I left her and she was still gonna go for another five hours."

As she goes on through these tumultuous times, we wish her all the best.

The Blind Side can be streamed on HBO Max.

Source: ESPN and Tribute Movies

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