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How Emma Roberts Really Feels About Being Compared To Julia Roberts

Being a member of a famous family can be very tough to navigate. You could be expected to live up to the legacy and are compared to your family members. This has been the case for Emma Roberts. While Emma's parents Kelly Cunningham and Eric Roberts are both actors like their daughter Emma, they do not hold a candle to Emma's aunt Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts is a very notable actress who has starred in multiple box office hit romantic comedies over the years. Emma has a very close relationship with her aunt Julia and has often been compared to her. They both are very similar based on the roles they have played.

Emma also does look a lot like her aunt Julia. Having Julia as a role model, it would be no surprise if Emma has often felt pressure to succeed and live up to the family name.

Did Emma Roberts Feel Pressure To Be Like Her Aunt Julia?

For some, going into the same career path as your famous aunt may seem a bit intimidating, that was not the case for Emma Roberts. Emma never felt like she had to be just like her aunt and was able to do her own thing. Emma may have a close bond with her aunt Julia, but she never aspired to be just like her. The aunt and niece duo have gone on to speak highly of each other and share lots of love and support toward each other on social media.

Julia has also always been the most supportive and loving relationship throughout Emma's life.

It is no secret that Emma Roberts idolizes her famous aunt Julia Roberts. Emma learned she wanted to follow in similar footsteps as Julia at a very young age. Emma got to spend lots of time on set with Julia whenever she was visiting her. Emma loved getting to see how much time and effort Julia put into playing her roles and just enjoyed the atmosphere of being on set. From a young age, being on set felt like being at home for Emma.

What Emma loved most about being on set was getting to try on many of the Julia's costumes.

Emma mentioned in an interview in 2020 that there are photos of her trying on Julia's outfits from her 2000 biological legal drama film Erin Brockovich. Emma would also be a nice assistant to her aunt and would write the wardrobe tags down for her and organize Julia's make-up brushes.

Emma Roberts' Family Drama

The special bond between Julia and Emma really developed when Emma's parents were going through their divorce. Julia funded Emma's mother Kelly Cunningham's custody battle against her own brother (Emma's dad) Eric Roberts. Eric has never been able to forgive his sister for going against her own brother and supporting his ex-wife.

Emma Roberts has maintained a relationship with her mother. However, both Emma and Julia do not have a close relationship with Eric due to abuse towards Kelly and his drug addiction.

In March 2019, Emma Roberts began dating Garrett Hedlund before splitting up after three years of dating. Emma's life may have changed drastically since her break-up with Garrett as she has entered motherhood. While Emma and Garrett were still dating, they welcomed their son Rhodes and the pair have been co-parenting their son together.

Emma's baby announcement did not go as planned. Emma's mother Kelly Cunningham outed her pregnancy over social media.

Emma was on a plane ride and was unaware that her mother was going to and had told the world her news and Emma was unable to stop her. This did cause Emma to drift apart from Kelly for a bit. Emma did come around to forgive her mother just in time for the baby to arrive.

Have Emma Roberts And Julia Roberts Been In A Movie Together?

In the 2010 romantic comedy film Valentine's Day, Emma Roberts got the opportunity to work with her aunt Julia Roberts. While Julia and Emma never got appear on the screen together because they each had different plot lines, they did get to spend quality time on set together. However, their roles are intercepted in a way.

Emma played the role of Grace Smart who is planning on losing her virginity to her boyfriend but is also busy babysitting Edison that night. Julia played the role Katherine Hazeltine who is the U.S. Army Captain traveling home to Los Angeles traveling home to see her son Edison.

After her Nickelodeon days starring in the teen sitcom series Unfabulous, Emma decided to leave her typical nice teen girl roles for edgier roles. This led to Emma Roberts being cast as Chanel Oberlin in Fox's horror-comedy series Scream Queens. These days, Emma has been starring in The American Horror Story television series. Julia Roberts is proud of her niece for handling fame and seeing her progress in the industry and landing so many great roles.

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