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This Is Why Fans Think Julia Roberts Is So Successful

She's appeared in too many films to count over the years, and Julia Roberts remains a household name regardless of what type of flick moviegoers tend to enjoy. From action films to standard, stereotypical romances, Julia's done a lot of different work.

And fans are starting to think there's more to Julia's career than just talent. They think she has a specific equation for success that she's been banking on for decades.

What Is Julia Roberts' Secret To Longevity In Hollywood?

The truth is, some moviegoers seem to think that Julia Roberts is so -memorable that (for ).

But supporters of the actress say that she has some sort of a magic touch.

Sure, many of her films have similar themes, and that's part of the reason they earn so much criticism from critics. But the formula clearly works for Roberts, and that's what fans say is the key:

Julia Roberts' specific adoption of one niche is what keeps her career going. As one put it, "She’s found her niche and cashes her paychecks, so what?"

Julia Roberts Is America's Sweetheart... Sorta

Fans of Roberts highlight the fact that most of her films pit her as America's sweetheart, in various iterations. She was activist Erin Brokovich (total environmental sweetheart, right?), she was gorgeous and mysterious Tess in the 'Ocean's' franchise, and of course, she was the literal runaway bride in 'Runaway Bride.'

Julia's made her career out of being whatever producers need her to be -- and isn't that the sign of a truly successful star?

Not everyone sees the appeal, though. And in all fairness, Julia herself has admitted that . Some critics of her movies also suggest that Julia may not be as nice as she seems on film.

But still other fans defend Roberts by saying that she's incredibly popular, so it doesn't matter what she's like behind the scenes; as long as she keeps on as the "chick flick" star she's always been, success is sure to find her.

Fans Say Julia Has A Good Mind For Business

While some Redditors snarkily remarked that Julia's seeming 'pick a niche and cash out on it' is "The pinnacle of art," others say it's all fair in the industry.

After all, films are big business, so does it really matter Julia Roberts found her success? She clearly knows what she's doing, even if critics don't always find her roles believable or... really, enjoyable, at all.

She's still raking in the cash, so she probably doesn't mind the trolls.

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