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How Bill Nye Really Felt About Working With Bob Newhart On The Big Bang Theory

had several memorable guest stars. However, among the most popular include Bob Newhart, who won an Emmy for his performance on the show, along with Bill Nye.

In the following, we're going to take a closer look at how Nye and Newhart got to appear on the show. prior to accepting. As for Nye, his relationship with Bill Prady played a major role in finally getting on the show.

In addition, we'll reveal what it was like for Bill Nye to act alongside Bob Newhart. As expected, the two hit it off, while Nye was able to grasp lots of knowledge from his fellow co-star.

Bill Nye Got To Appear On The Big Bang Theory Thanks To His Connection With Co-Creator, Bill Prady

Bill Nye was the perfect fit for and a face that lots of fans wanted to see on the comedy series. Speaking alongside , and it all came about years prior during a conversation with co-creator, Bill Prady. Nye was open about his willingness to appear on the show and a couple of years later, it came to fruition.

Nye reveals, "That was so much fun. I met Bill Prady (TV writer/producer) a couple of years ago and we talked about this and that. I said I'd really like to be on the show. I feel like I'm a logical guy for that show. I guess he thought about it long enough and eventually a role bubbled up for me."

Nye also discussed his comparisons to Sheldon and if he was socially challenged growing up. Nye revealed that the two aren't entirely the same.

"I don't think I was quite like Sheldon. Once in awhile his character is so over the top that you've got to hold back, but I can quote original lines without any trouble at all. I'm too old by about maybe five years to have played Dungeons and Dragons with that kind of seriousness, but I know those people. I've worked with those people."

Along with working alongside Jim Parsons, Nye was in for quite the treat shooting scenes with Bob Newhart.

Bill Nye Referred To Bob Newhart As 'Fantastic' Following Their Time Together On The Big Bang Theory

Bill Nye revealed that Bob Newhart was an absolute pro on the set of . This was echoed by the rest of the cast as well. Nye was also taken aback by a certain scene that they shot together. "It was just fantastic. The guy is just a consummate pro. I remember this one moment in the script where he's angry with me and he just scared the daylights out of me. He came at me, "Back off!" It was really cool. It was really exciting. Then I got into it. I had no trouble at all."

Nye would go on to praise the actor for "bringing it" during his scenes. "He brings it every time. It wasn't surprising that he's so good, but it was gratifying and fun to work with him. I didn't find out that he doesn't like green M&Ms or something. We didn't talk about that. We talked about comedy... Bob agreed to do

because he was so impressed with the writing."

As Nye revealed, Newhart took his time returning to comedy and passed on several projects prior to agreeing to a spot on the sitcom.

Bob Newhart Revealed Why He Took So Much Time Away Before Returning To Comedy With The Big Bang Theory

Bob Newhart took his time agreeing to Speaking with , the actor revealed that , particularly for pilots. Newhart was hesitant to take that route, but just couldn't say no to especially given his relationship with Chuck Lorre, and that the show was already established.

"I’ve been approached for other projects — some pilots — and that’s too much. Emotionally, I couldn’t go through another pilot to series, it takes too much out of you and it’s for the younger people today. When I look at a show, I look at it from a writing standpoint."

"I’ve said all along that I stumbled on the formula of an incredible cast and great writing, and then take all the credit myself — it’s worked in three different permutations. I know Chuck Lorre personally and am familiar with his work­­ going back to and . is well written and it has an incredible cast."

Newhart also got his wish of appearing as a recurring character on the show, while performing his scenes in front of a studio audience.

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