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The Extreme Lengths Jennifer Aniston Has Gone To In An Attempt To Prevent Aging

Sometimes, it can almost seem like celebrities know magic. They can have a baby and come back with six-pack abs just a few months later. They can seemingly heat style and dye their hair without facing any of the damaging consequences. You can look at a photo of them from the '90s and find one from the present day where they look exactly the same. While many stars are forthcoming about how they keep their hair looking healthy and heat damage-free, for instance, they aren't quite as open about discussing how they maintain their youthful appearance.

Jennifer Aniston is an exception to this rule. Instead of solely chalking her ageless appearance up to diet and exercise like many other celebs, she's been frank about how frequently she uses cosmetic treatments. And while some of it is pretty standard, Aniston told The Wall Street Journal she tried something pretty wild: Salmon sperm facials. The actor's initial reaction to the idea was: "First of all, I said, 'Are you serious? How do you get salmon's sperm?'" 

Aniston added that she's unsure if the treatment worked its magic. And if that makes you feel like it's a fad, you might be surprised to learn that salmon sperm facials do have their merits.

As dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, MD, told PopSugar, "Salmon milt has been shown to improve skin, hydration, plumpness, texture, and wrinkles." He added that these benefits exist due to the high concentration of amino-acid-rich DNA in salmon sperm.

Jennifer Aniston has a tried and trusted anti-aging solution

In the Wall Street Journal interview, Jennifer Aniston confirmed that she gets weekly peptide injections to help keep up her timeless appearance. The "Friends" star seemed certain that peptides were the future of anti-aging solutions.

It's safe to say that Aniston believes amino acids help counteract aging because a peptide is a short chain of them. Speaking to Glamour, certified dermatologist Dr. Maria Garshick, MD, FAAD, shared the supposed benefits of peptide therapy: "It is thought to help to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and overall skin texture." 

She continued, "Peptides function as messenger molecules, communicating with cells to trigger the production of more collagen and elastin, which may help to firm and tighten the skin once injected into the skin." Although Aniston is currently in her '50s, she still boasts some pretty impressive muscle definition, and peptide injections can help with that, too.

Peptides can help increase muscle mass, contribute to fat loss, and improve endurance so you can get the most out of your workouts. 

Dr. Garshick also explained how peptide injections generally tend to be more potent than topical applications. She added that while peptides have been a primary ingredient in several anti-aging products for years now, it's important to know that their benefits aren't completely verified. Dr. Garshick also cautioned peptide users to avoid expecting mind-blowing results. Moreover, depending on the type of peptide used, the therapy costs anywhere from $100 to $1,000, with the average being $500.


She incorporates anti-aging into her skincare routine and food

Jennifer Aniston seems to believe that collagen is a fountain of youth for her skin. In a blog post for Vital Proteins, a wellness brand where Aniston serves as Chief Creative Officer, she confirmed that she incorporates collagen into her day by mixing it into her coffee and water, blending it into smoothies, and snacking on collagen bars throughout the day. She loves having collagen in food or supplemental form because it nourishes her body internally while bringing external benefits.


As you might guess, the actor follows a healthy diet and nourishes her body with plenty of water throughout the day. When it comes to her daily skincare routine, "The Morning Show" star is very thorough. Aniston moisturizes and washes her face daily but steers clear of overwashing. She believes in the power of SPF 50 for anti-aging, so she dons it every time she steps out. Aniston also uses a serum stick to reduce fine lines and hydrate the skin for a healthy glow. 

The TV icon also enjoys experimenting with serums and day and night creams. However, Aniston doesn't appreciate the media's ageist comments about her appearance. As Aniston argued to Allure, "What I do think is becoming dated are things like, 'Oh, you look great for your age.'" She added, "Because at a certain point, you should start to look like s**t? Because that's what that is implying. Like, 'You should look like hell right now!'"

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