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"I will never forgive myself, he doesn't know it's happening": Jennifer Aniston Felt Horrible After Stalking Clint Eastwood in Warner Bros Studio

Clint Eastwood is a name that is worthy of the tag of a legend in Hollywood. He has reinvigorated the Western genre in the industry that Hollywood tries to emulate every now and then. Starring and directing in many Oscar-winning films such as (1992), (2003), and (2004) to name a few, he is still hard at work even at the age of 93. He is a revered figure in the industry and is considered a maverick director for his wide range and diverse body of work. Many actors have expressed their admiration for the legend and FRIENDS star Jennifer Aniston seems to be no exception, as revealed by her in an interview.

Jennifer Aniston Hilariously Filmed Clint Eastwood

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, professed her love and admiration for actor . DeGeneres explains to her that his office is next to where is filmed. Aniston then expressed her disappointment at never meeting the star when they were shooting at the same spot where the talk show currently takes place years prior.

DeGeneres then asks Aniston if she can reveal a video that she took from her phone. Much to Aniston’s embarrassment, she explains that one day when she was waiting for the stop light after doing one of Ellen’s shows previously, Eastwood suddenly pulled up next to her and she started filming him in excitement.

In the video, she is seen being nervous and hilariously calling out her stalker behavior saying,

“Okay, we are sitting next to Clint Eastwood Right now, that is Clint Eastwood at the light at the Warner Brothers studio, and filming this moment I am mortified with myself. I will never forgive myself, he has no idea it’s happening…where did he go, he’s going that way. So maybe he lives in, somewhere like Pasadena”

Aniston can be seen watching the video with DeGeneres, supposedly not happy with herself and embarrassed at what she did.

Jennifer Aniston is A Fan of Clint Eastwood, Just Like Us!

The anecdote perfectly captures a relatable fan moment that one experiences when they meet their celebrity idols or admirations. Even celebrities have people whom they admire and are a fan of. Jennifer Aniston’s story is a relatable example of the excitement and nervousness that a fan goes through when they see their celebrity crush or admiration.

Clint Eastwood is an actor who has withstood a career spanning more than 60 years and therefore has made a huge impact among actors who are currently in their 40s and 50s working in Hollywood. His films and legacy have traveled down to the current generation of actors and audiences who are new to him and are freshly discovering his rich body of work.

Thus, Aniston is just like the rest of us, singing the praises of those who came before us.

As for Clint Eastwood, even at the age of 93, he is as dedicated and hard-working as ever. He is set to start filming his final movie, starring Nicholas Hoult, Toni Collette, Zoey Deutch, and Leslie Bibb among others.



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