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Did Adam Sandler Really Miss Out On Friends With Jennifer Aniston Because Of David Schwimmer's Height?

was the first film that saw and together on the big-screen. Although it was a first for fans, that wasn't the case behind the scenes for Jen and Adam, who have a lengthy relationship which dates back to their teens, before the fame.

In the following, we're going to take a closer look at their friendship, and how the duo became so close in the recent years. In addition, we'll take a closer look at a statement made by Adam Sandler in regard to his connection about a possible role on .

Sandler had fans talking when he revealed his thoughts on the role of Ross, but missing out on it. Aniston finally cleared up the rumor, with Sandler confirming if it was real or not.

Let's find out.

Adam Sandler And Jennifer Aniston's Relationship Dates Back Before Their Fame

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler appeared in their first film together back in 2011, However, . Speaking alongside Jimmy Kimmel, Aniston revealed that the par had first met when they were 14 because of a mutual friend. The relationship between Sandler and Aniston would only get stronger thanks to their work together. Sandler has revealed in several interviews that he loves his fellow co-star.

"I love her. She's solid as a rock, she's in great shape, she's funny, she's cool.

She let's me do her hair...Ever since 'the Rachel,' I took over, I fluff it up just right."

During Jen's time on , Adam Sandler was also enjoying major career success. Sandler was released from , and although that seemed like a burden for the actor to face at the time, it was only the beginning of his boom as he became a box office machine during the late 90s and into the early 2000s. However, he did hint at interest in a particular project alongside Aniston, though fans were unsure if Sandler was telling the truth.

Adam Sandler Joked That He Wanted Ross' Role On Friends, But Later Revealed There Was No Truth To The Statement

During the promotion of , Adam Sandler was thrust into the headlines for a particular statement made about working with Aniston in the prior years. and was considered for the role of Ross. However, Sandler claims he lost out on the role due to David Schwimmer's good looks, and the fact that the actor was taller than him.

Aniston finally cleared up the confusion, putting Sandler on the spot and asking if there was legit interest on his part to take on the role of Ross. As expected, Sandler was joking around.

“Were you really up to play Ross," Aniston asked. Sandler reveals, “I would have! No, that wasn’t real.

I was just joking.”

Without a doubt, fans were left disappointed by the news, as they tend to love these little casting details on how the show could've looked different. Although the majority of fans would not have opted to see Sandler in Schwimmer's role, everyone would've been open for Sandler to have appeared as a guest-star, similar to the like of Brad Pitt and various others throughout the show's ten-year run.

Jennifer Aniston Revealed Why She Continues To Click With Adam Sandler All These Years Later

It is assumed that Aniston and Sandler are close due to their time together in

. However, . Jen stated that the trust between the two has only brought them closer together. According to Aniston, Sandler has been the same person since the day they met.

She tells "Yes, there's trust. We trust each other and we know that we're going to have a good time. We have each other's back. We take care of each other. Neutral, deep respect for each other."

"He's just exactly who he is and has been since I've met him. We just always have a wonderful time" in "every moment."

As for Sandler, he also had a strong first impression of Aniston since the time they first met on the set of

"I remember when we first met, we had breakfast together and I thought she was funny as hell.

Then I saw her a few more times and I just always ... she made me happy when I'd see her."

"She's just funny. She's great hanging out with guys, great hanging out with girls, knows what to say, knows how to calm you down. But I just remember, anytime I'd be out and I'd see her, I'd be like, 'Oh, there's Aniston.' And we'd go over to each other and start laughing."

All these years later, the duo continues to share laughs on and off set.

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