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“Jen will never admit, they’ve zero time for one another”: Jennifer Aniston Desperate to Win Her Rivalry Against Sarah Jessica Parker, Wants a Upper Hard in TV World

Celebrity battles are not very rare, and are always interesting to watch from a distance. The fans get their own fair share of fun. And more often than not, the one who has the bigger name trumps the other in the battle. Jennifer Aniston is engaged in a similar battle, quite literally. The 53-year-old is going toe-to-toe with Sarah Jessica Parker of fame. At stake is the upper hand in the television world.

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The rivalry between Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker

It is no secret that Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker want to gain an upper hand when it comes to the TV world, according to a source. The source said,

The rivalry has been there for quite some time now. But there is a difference in opinion regarding the time from which the rivalry was said to be in motion. And what is the exact reason behind this tooth-and-nail battle between two legendary figures of the television world?

The root of the fight

According to the tussle between Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker goes back a long time. It can be traced to the time the two were highly successful in their ventures. Aniston was working in the hit NBC comedy sitcom, while Parker was an equally influential figure, having become a household name thanks to starring in

But the actors have never addressed the issues, rather choosing to let them hang in the air. But there has always been a coldness between the two, with the competition, even though it may not be direct, being omnipresent. It just takes different forms with changing times. The latest is the star’s attempt to recruit her rival’s former colleague, Kim Cattrall.

Jennifer Aniston fancies her chances for signing Kim Cattrall

is more than ready to do what it takes to get to the top of the ladder. Recruiting Kim Cattrall to her Apple TV show, The Morning Show, is just another way of doing that. Aniston is very confident in her choices because of two reasons. The first is that she can go big to sign her. The insider confirmed,

The second is the feud between Cattrall and the actress. It was rumored that they were not on good terms since 2004 when they were in the sixth and final season of the show. The tussle was all but confirmed when the movie star refused to act in the third iteration of the movie. She has also made it clear that she

Jen is winning this one, just like Rachel used to.


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