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Young Sheldon Season 7 Uncertain Fate Makes Its Biggest Sheldon & Missy Problem Worse

Young Sheldon season 7 will likely be delayed, which will make the show's biggest problem with Sheldon and Missy worse. The Cooper twins both have an eventful Young Sheldon season 6. Amid a lot of changes around them, they relied on each other to make sense of a lot of things. However, things weren't always smooth between the pair. Young Sheldon season 6 also saw several conflicts involving the pair, including arguably their biggest one at the end of the year. Even as Sheldon flew to Germany to spend the whole summer there, Missy remained angry at him for babbling about her sneaking out of the house at night.

The Young Sheldon season 6 finale juggled several plot lines as the Coopers dealt with their respective issues. Mandy and Georgie finally got engaged, but their excitement was dampened by the McCallisters' meddling. Meanwhile, Meemaw's gambling den was discovered by Pastor Rob. At the end of the hour, Sheldon and Mary arrived in Germany, while the rest of the family dealt with the Medford tornado. All plot lines were interesting, but Young Sheldon season 6 finale's best storyline centered on Sheldon and Missy's conflict, proving that they remain its best pairing. Naturally, there's hope that they will continue to be at the forefront of the show's storytelling moving forward.

Young Sheldon Season 7 May Be Indefinitely Delayed

CBS previously maintained its usual programming layout for fall 2023 even after the Writers Guild Strike of 2023 already started. This meant that Young Sheldon and other scripted projects were still expected to come back after the summer, hinting that the broadcaster was optimistic that the issue will be resolved in time before production. Subsequently, however, CBS announced a move to strike-proof their programming, with plans to air some Paramount+ originals on CBS broadcast TV in lieu of their regular series. This suggested that the network is finally considering the possibility that scripted shows won't be back this September/October because of the ongoing WGA strike.

Now, the chances of Young Sheldon season 7 coming back this fall are further decreased with the SAG-AFTRA strike also happening. Show stars Raegan Revord, Lance Barber, and Zoe Perry have previously joined the WGA strike, making it clear that they support the writers' fight for fair compensation. With the actors also now on strike, it has become more improbable that both issues will be resolved sooner rather than later. For what it's worth, both Revord and Iain Armitage have already backed up their peers, which means that they plan to fully adhere to the work stoppage. So unless the issue is finally resolved, they won't be back to play Missy and Sheldon.

How Young Sheldon Season 7 Being Delayed Is Worse Than You Think

The Young Sheldon season 6 finale ended in some sort of cliffhanger. After the tornado passed Medford, Meemaw discovered that her house was fully wrecked by it. This would set up a string of changes for the Coopers coming into the new year. Connie will move in with Dale, while Georgie and Mandy will transfer to George and Missy's house. While all of this is happening, Sheldon will start his summer program in Germany, with Mary unaware of what's happening back home. More than the extended wait for Young Sheldon season 7, however, the delay could significantly decrease the number of episodes for the year, which would be extra frustrating.

This is particularly bad because there are already rumblings that Young Sheldon season 7 may be the show's last. Having fewer episodes means that CBS will have to cram a lot of storylines before the finale, which is already risky, considering the multiple loose plot threads that The Big Bang Theory prequel still needs to tackle. A rushed ending is not how Young Sheldon would want to wrap up its run, especially given how popular it is. On top of wrapping up its own storytelling and sending off the beloved Cooper family, it's also mandatory that the spin-off's ending fits in with what's known about its parent series.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Being Delayed Makes Sheldon's Growth Problems Worse

Between the WGA and the SAG-AFTRA strike, there's a good chance that Young Sheldon season 7 will be indefinitely delayed. Aside from having to wait longer for the show to come back and the narrative ramifications of having a shortened year, this also poses a brand-new problem because of how rapidly Armitage and Revord are growing. Delaying The Big Bang Theory spin-off for a considerable amount of time means that both of them could look significantly bigger and older. That could be a glaring issue, considering existing criticisms of how old they already look playing 13-year-olds.

For context, both Revord and Armitage are already 15 years old. However, since CBS slowed down Young Sheldon's storytelling in order to stretch out its time on the air, the Cooper twins just recently turned 13 in the series. The age discrepancy is very noticeable, especially on Armitage, who is not just taller, but also has a deeper voice now, and is something that has been consistently commented on. If Young Sheldon season 7 picks up immediately after the events of the season 6 finale, and the show doesn't start filming until later this year, the actors may look quite different from the last time they were on the screen.

How Young Sheldon Season 7 Can Address Sheldon's Glaring Issue

If Young Sheldon season 7 ends up being delayed, then CBS would not have any choice but to deal with the aforementioned situation involving Armitage and Revord. Both actors are brilliant in their roles, and there's no other option but to bring them back. Perhaps, the viewers could be more understanding of the physical changes in them when they return as Sheldon and Missy, considering that the WAG and SAG-AFTRA strikes are for the rights of people working on these shows.

Luckily, CBS has a fairly easy way to address this problem.

Young Sheldon season 7 could simply pick up after a time jump. Since the family is currently in transition,The Big Bang Theory prequel can simply skip the immediate aftermath of the season 6 finale and fast-forward to at least a couple of months forward. In any case, Sheldon won't be in Medford because he will be spending the whole summer in Germany. Given everything that is happening in the family comedy, it's also better to restart the series once the whole family is back home to maximize the opportunity to see them complete.

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