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All 6 Of Raj’s Big Bang Theory Relationships & Break-Ups Explained

Raj struggled for the best part of The Big Bang Theory's twelve seasons to find partners, and the sitcom's first seasons even made it more difficult as he had selective mutism when he was in the same room with women. While Raj managed to establish more relationships than any of his friends in The Big Bang Theory, very few lasted for enough time, and all ended because of differences. In the end, the closest loved ones that always supported Raj were always his tight-knit group of friends, whom he coincidentally chose over a possible relationship in The Big Bang Theory season 12.

The Big Bang Theory's earlier seasons provided plenty of comedy precisely because of Raj's inability to talk to women unless with alcohol in his system. However, the CBS sitcom eventually got around the problem by having Raj briefly date Penny's acquaintance Emily, whose deafness made her a perfect candidate as he wouldn't need to talk to her to communicate. Raj's dating experiences eventually highlighted his neediness and, above all, his willingness to do anything just to have a girlfriend, even if they didn't have much in common. Here are all of Raj's relationships and why they eventually ended, leaving Raj single at The Big Bang Theory's ending.


Penny first introduced Emily (Katie Leclerc) in The Big Bang Theory season 5, episode 4, "The Wiggly Finger Catalyst," thinking her the best possible date for Raj, who was still struggling with talking to women without alcohol because she was deaf. Raj's first date had to involve Howard as Raj didn't know ASL while Howard did, and they seemingly hit it off as they eventually continued dating. However, it soon became clear that Emily was with Raj for his family's money, and while Raj didn't care, as long as he had a girlfriend, his friends did.

Raj and Emily's relationship eventually ended because Penny ratted Raj out to his parents, who offered him an ultimatum: he could have chosen to stay with Emily and lose access to his parents' money, or he could have broken up with her and still be financially supported by his parents. While he chose love, it soon became clear that the only reason Emily was with him was his money. In the end, Emily broke up with him because Raj's attitude to shower her with gifts wouldn't be sustainable without his parents' money, proving Raj's friends right in their idea Emily was only after Raj's money.


The Big Bang Theory season 6 introduced Lucy (Kate Micucci) as a potential love interest for Raj after meeting at Stuart's lonely hearts Valentine's Day party in The Big Bang Theory season 6, episode 16, "The Tangible Affection Proof." Lucy told Raj from the beginning about her severe social anxiety and her recent plan to force herself out of her comfort zone. Despite a few hiccups where Lucy ran away from the date, Raj and Lucy's relationship progressed relatively well cause Raj organized dates in a way that was almost tailored for them, as he still couldn't speak to women while sober, while Lucy couldn't meet too many people together.

Still, Raj's pushiness to get Lucy to meet his friends is eventually what dooms their relationship in The Big Bang Theory season 6's finale. While the two were charmingly suitable for each other at times, Raj's wish to mix two important parts of his life – his new girlfriend and his friends – eventually made him forget about Lucy's boundaries, as she was always clear about how her severe social anxiety affected her life. While it was natural for Raj to want to spend time with both Lucy and his friends' group, he clearly overlooked what were Lucy's needs, letting the relationship end up somewhat traumatically for Raj and Lucy.

Emily Sweeney

Raj's relationship with Emily was his longest, spanning three seasons, but it still ended brusquely in The Big Bang Theory season 9, episode 15, "The Valentino Submergence." Emily Sweeney (Laura Spencer) and Raj's relationship started rockily in season 7, episode 17, as Raj matched with her on a dating site but asked Amy to meet her in his place, having chickened out at the last moment. Eventually, Raj and Emily reconnected, and while their jobs in scientific fields made them similar, all their other interests were almost opposite. Raj was often creeped out by Emily's goriest interests, and too scared to admit the truth.

While Emily found a place in Raj's friends group, building connections and easily bonding with them, that wasn't enough to keep them together, as Raj already started doubting their affinity in The Big Bang Theory season 8's finale. However, it was Claire's arrival and Raj's obvious romantic interest in her that eventually made Raj and Emily's relationship end, even if Raj already struggled to commit because of their differences and Raj's refusal to admit how creepy he found Emily's interests. While briefly reconnecting in The Big Bang Theory season 9, episode 18, Raj and Emily's relationship is eventually confirmed as over by The Big Bang Theory season 10, episode 5.


Raj first showed interest in Claire (Alessandra Torresani) in The Big Bang Theory season 9, episode 14, "The Meemaw Materialization," when he met her at Stuart's comic book store and left her his number to pick his head about astrophysics for Claire's screenwriting project. Raj and Claire's relationship was ill-fated from the beginning, as Raj only dated Claire while he was simultaneously dating Emily. Although Raj confirmed not to be dating Emily and Claire only in TBBT season 10 without offering a reason, problems already arose in The Big Bang Theory season 9, episode 22, when Raj flat-out admitted in front of Claire to be dating both her and Emily.


Bernadette's coworker Ruchi (Swati Kapila) briefly dated Raj from The Big Bang Theory season 11, episode 3, for only three episodes, as she never looked for a romantic relationship and was only having a fling with Raj. Raj's inability to see Ruchi casually eventually caused the relationship to end, along with Ruchi's objective to steal Bernadette's projects as she was put on bed rest during her second pregnancy. In the end, Raj taking Bernie's side, his incapability to be romantically linked casually to someone, and his belief in true love put an end to Raj and Ruchi's brief connection in The Big Bang Theory.


Raj's major relationship in The Big Bang Theory season 12, involved Anu (Rati Gupta), an ambitious concierge he couldn't have met if it wasn't for his parents' matchmaking abilities. Although Raj genuinely liked Anu, their similar approach to an arranged marriage – going along with it not because they wanted that but because they didn't want to remain alone – doomed them. Indeed, Raj couldn't trust Anu, because he felt he didn't know her, and it didn't help that his hopeless belief in romance wasn't met enthusiastically by Anu, who was much more practical than him.

Although The Big Bang Theory season 12, episode 22, "The Maternal Conclusion" almost saw Raj leaving Pasadena to profess his love to Anu, Howard eventually made him realize that he and Anu could have never worked. Indeed, Raj and Anu didn't go into their prospective arranged marriage with a real belief in the system, instead trying to settle down fast, despite not knowing each other fully. In the end, Anu's opportunity in London was the best chance for her career, but also for Raj, as his The Big Bang Theory season 12 process made him realize how he could stay single, as long as he had his friends with him.

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