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What Has Simon Helberg Been Up To Since The Big Bang Theory Ended?

Everyone loved Simon Helberg as Howard in The Big Bang Theory. Fans loved watching him overcome his overbearing mother and found his relationship with Bernadette adorable. The series ended in 2019, to positive reviews from fans, and since then those same have constantly wondered what the cast have been up to. They've also wondered about the possibility of a cast reunion or even a revival.

Long-time fans will be excited to know that a spin-off is in the works, but that doesn't answer the question of what the cast members have been up to. Here's a run down of what Simon Helberg has been doing since the Big Bang Theory ended.

Did Simon Helberg Enjoy His Time On The Big Bang Theory?

Helberg enjoyed his time on the Big Bang Theory, and was present on every episode. He has spoken out about how much he enjoys working with his co-star Melissa Raunch.

"I always really had a great time working with Melissa. Whenever we had some juicy storylines, like when she finds out that she's pregnant. I really enjoyed that"

He joked that he would be willing to act in an Old Howard spin off, before stating that he's glad he hadn't approached for any spin-offs.

"No, which is good. I'm happy everyone had the wits about them not to try to make more of me on television. Young Howard, Old Howard, Dead Howard, You know, Undead, whatever... Undead Howard, could have been a good one."

Despite his warm feelings about the show now, it took him a while to accept The Big Bang Theory's permanence. There's a certain level of instability that comes with working on a TV series, and there's always a risk of cancelation.

"Well, finally in season seven I hung a picture on my dressing room wall. I was like, 'I can put a nail into this puppy. We'll be here for a while.' It takes a long time to feel comfortable. Actors are mostly unemployed. I'm just settling in, and we're in Season 10. I mean, at this point I'm aware that – well, now we're probably almost done."

In addition to a sense of uncertainty about the role, Simon also initially felt uncertain about taking the role of Howard. He had to be convinced by his agents to go audition for the role.

"I remember almost not going in because I was working on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and it was the beginning of pilot season. I was working with a great group of people and loved this pilot. I read Big Bang the year before — they shot it twice — and read it the first year. I thought, "Why are they doing this again?" There was a new character, and it was great, but I was on Studio 60 and my agents had to talk me into going. "

What Is Simon Helberg Up To Today?

Simon has kept himself busy since TBBT ended. He played The Accompanist on Annette, a mysterious and interesting character that's involved with the mother of the titular character.

Simon didn't just play an interesting role, he also had an interesting journey to get there.

Leos Carax, the film's director, needed a certain quota of European citizens working on the film in order to secure EU funding. An act that was ultimately rendered unnecessary when, Marion Cotillard who is native to France, was added to the cast. All this goes to show that when Simon says he'll do anything to work with Carax, he means it.

"I knew I would do anything I could to work with Carax. It was a long road. I've retained no French. And the irony is at the very end, they're like, 'Oh, we actually didn't need you to become a citizen because now we have Marion.' I was like, 'Oh, that's fine. It was easy, piece of cake."

Carax has never seen TBBT, and Simon surprisingly appreciates that, and hopes to work with more people who know him outside his role as Howard Stern.

"And I think that sometimes it's the reason I get to do these jobs."

"Said Helberg regarding Carax having never seen TBBT," Maybe I'll just keep finding people who don't watch television and want to hire me. Ultimately, if I can do enough of these things, maybe even the people that do watch our show can start to realize that we're capable of accessing different parts of ourselves"

Apart from his role in Annette and becoming a French citizen, Simon also had a guest appearance on one episode of the Peacock mystery series, "Poker Face". He plays the role of a bumbling FBI agent.

Simon delivered incredible performances in both these roles and has projects lined up for the future.

Simon Helberg Has A Net Worth Of $50 Million Today

Fans are curious about exactly how much Helberg made from his time on TBBT. Considering that the show ran for 12 seasons and was wildly successful, it can be assumed that he made a pretty penny.

Initially, Simon was earning $45,000, but soon he began earning one million dollars. Forbes can be quoted as saying that he was earning 24 million dollars from the show each season. In 2018, he was ranked third on Forbes list of the highest paid actors, and he earned $23 million.

Simon's overall net worth is estimated to be $50 million dollars.

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