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Jennifer Aniston Joined the Mile High Club After Foursome With Flight Crew?: “And the co-pilot? And the flight attendant?”

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston has been America's sweetheart and one of the most desirable actors in the industry after her award-winning stint in the popular sitcom FRIENDS. Over the years, with a committed diet and fitness regime, the celebrity seems to have aged backward and is looking her best in her 50s.

Apart from being s*xier, age has also made Aniston more candid and open to talking about some naughty incidents from her past and in her career. The We're the Millers actor opened up in The Ellen DeGeneres Show about a sizzling and bold plane journey in which she reportedly indulged in intimate activities with the flight crew.

Jennifer Aniston Is A Proud Member Of The Mile High Club

There is a famous scene in FRIENDS involving Ross Geller played by David Schwimmer and Rachel Green played by Jennifer Aniston in which Ross loudly proclaims in a plane that he will not have s*x with Rachel in the bathroom. It looks like Aniston finally got to live her character's fantasy in real life. The Murder Mystery star made a bombshell confession on The Ellen DeGeneres Show about an X-rated flight that she once took that inducted her into the Mile High Club.

During a game of Never Have I Ever, Degeneres asked if Aniston had ever indulged in s*xual activities in the cockpit of a plane.

The FRIENDS star promptly raised her card indicating that she had. The questions then got more personal from Degeneres.

"Never have I ever… with the pilot? And the co-pilot? And the flight attendant?"

Aniston's answer to all these queries was a resounding yes. The star went on to confess that she had many exciting moments during her travels which led to viewers and audiences letting their imaginations go wild.

Jennifer Aniston Is The Face Of Pvolve

Jennifer Aniston has admitted that she had a complicated relationship with health and fitness in her younger days. From being pressured to appear a certain way, to embracing her age and listening to her body, the star is one of the fittest actors today.

Aniston credited her inspirational journey to Pvolve, a health and fitness organization committed to transforming people through healthy goals and practices. The star spoke about her association with the company during her back injury saying,

"I had a friend who had already been doing Pvolve and not only did I notice her complete transformation – physically in her energy level – but she also explained that Pvolve is functional fitness that respects where your body is at and allows you to work around your current limitations."

After becoming an ardent fan of Pvolve, Aniston took the next step by joining the team of experts to guide product development, programming strategy, and marketing efforts to build greater brand awareness for the company.

Source: YouTube

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