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"I mostly had to ignore my own feelings": Jim Parsons Was Not Happy With One Big Bang Theory Story Arc That Lasted Only 2 Episodes

Chuck Lorre struck gold when he cast Jim Parsons as Sheldon Cooper. He had his fair share of reservations about Parsons, but he still pushed with the casting. Little did the renowned creator know how wise his decision would turn out to be. The star was meant to play Sheldon Cooper, portraying the role of, arguably, one of the most nuanced sitcom characters of our times. Playing Sheldon was simply second nature to him. But there were moments when he had to stifle his vision.

Jim Parsons was meant to play Sheldon Cooper

Back in 2007, Jim Parsons marked his first appearance as Sheldon Lee Cooper, the genius scientist who happens to have zero socializing skills.

And the 50-year-old felt at home immediately. Fans knew that something special was happening on the sets.

star won everyone over with his portrayal of a geeky scientist who doesn’t really fit in society. And no one could have done it better than Parsons. And this in part down to the fact that no one knew what could be better for Sheldon Cooper than the star. 

Why did Jim Parsons feel something was wrong in Season 10 of The Big Bang Theory?

Jim Parsons’ innate sense of connection with Sheldon Cooper’s character meant that he was heavily invested in the child prodigy’s story.

That is why the star was disappointed when a certain arc didn’t go as he wanted it to.

In Season 10 of  Sheldon Cooper finally had to leave his apartment to move in with Amy. It was not an easy call for the scientist hailing from Texas by any means. But it was a decision that needed to be made. And Parsons was totally on board with it. What he didn’t approve of was how the arc was not explored enough.

Jim Parsons wanted more 

In an interview with , Jim Parsons claimed that he wanted the makers to flesh out the storyline for a little longer.

The arc lasted two episodes, which seemed wrong to him. The star said, 

“They made it work… but I mostly had to ignore my own feelings, which was, ‘This is out of whack!’ At the very least, I couldn’t believe it wasn’t a two-part very special episode where [Sheldon] ties himself to the kitchen island and won’t leave! But that wasn’t what they wanted to do.”

In the end, both Cooper and Parsons had to ignore their feelings. But in the end, they both would have no problem with pushing through.

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