A Big Bang Theory Audience Member Revealed The Crowd Was Shocked When Jim Parsons Unexpectedly Dropped His Pants During A Scene With Mayim Bialik

Working as an extra, or just being in the audience was a special experience for those connected to . In the following, we're going to take a closer look at what went on behind the scenes according to extra and fans in the audience.

As it turns out, memorizing lines wasn't always easy for . However, the actor also created quite the buzz with fans during tapings. We'll take a look at a specific moment that saw the live audience completely stunned, as Parsons drops his pants in front of , aka Amy, which of course was part of the show. The hilarious moment showed Sheldon in his tighty whities.

We'll look back at how the moment was received, while putting the spotlight on other unique aspects that took place for a fan that got to experience

from the live audience.

A Big Bang Theory Extra Revealed Jim Parsons' Script Wasn't Easy To Memorize

He was the highest paid actor in all of Hollywood back in 2017 and with reason, Jim Parsons not only thrived in his role as Sheldon, but memorizing that script seemed to be an impossible task, at least from a fan perspective.

Remembering every line wasn't always easy. According to a show's extra Jenny Chen,

She revealed, "I felt a lot of sympathy for Jim Parsons as we had to reset the entire scene numerous times when he messed up his lines.

You could tell it was frustrating for him. But for me, each time he stumbled, it would just be a reminder of how difficult his lines were and how impressive it was that he could deliver them so naturally, so Sheldon-esque."

Parsons did find ways to facilitate his process, and one of the ways was by creating Q-cards and walking around his house, memorizing the lines. Credit to Parsons for being able to pull this off for 12 seasons. In fact, his audition was so polished that Chuck Lorre didn't believe he'd be able to repeat it on a consistent basis. Thankfully, Lorre reconsidered.

An Audience Member Revealed Nobody Was Expecting Jim Parsons To Drop His Pants

Over on , . As expected, getting the tickets was no easy task. Not only did they get to appear in the audience, but their experience was filled with many memories. Among the fan's confessions included that every scene was shot at least twice, with minor differences each time.

In addition, there were many surprises during this taping. One moment in particular had fans buzzing, as Sheldon attempts to make Amy laugh. While doing so, Parsons drops his pants. It was a moment not a single person in the audience was anticipating.

"At this taping, everyone in the audience was in for some big surprises! Sheldon, in an attempt to make Amy laugh by using the element of surprise, suddenly dropped his drawers revealing his bare legs and his tighty whiteys. It sure surprised the audience!"

Among the other major surprises from this particular taping included the fans getting a close up of Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki. The two thanked the audience for taking part in a special season 7 episode.

"The second surprise was that, about halfway through the taping, Johnny and Kaley climbed right up onto the railing in front of us! They told us that this episode marked the halfway point of Season 7 and that they wanted to thank us for being there that night and for watching the show.

Johnny said that every episode was like a dream come true for him! It was a very sweet moment!"

The fan would also reveal that two stars on the show came out at the end unexpectedly and signed autographs.

The Big Bang Theory Audience Member Revealed Kunal Nayyar And Melissa Rauch Were Class Acts

Jim Parsons concluded the taping by doing a 'celebratory dance move' according to the audience member. However, this wasn't the last of the person's experience. Once they made their way closer to the set, Kunal Nayyar and Melissa Rauch appeared, ready to sign autographs for the fans.

The fan recalls, "Before leaving, I stepped down to the railing to take a closer peek at the set and got my final surprise of the night. Kumal and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) came up to the railing to sign a few autographs. Kumal autographed my program, giving me an extra-special souvenir to take home, and the perfect end to a wonderful Big Bang Theory taping adventure!"

For those wondering, the episode that the fan took part in was during season 7, Without a doubt an experience the fan won't forget.


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